Sunday, May 31, 2009

And the award for the best coffee table book goes to ...

VISIONAIRE! I think all the Visionaire collectibles are incredible. Collaborated with the best people in art/fashion/music, it really is the kind of necessity that I'd have to have once I've had money for everything else in the world lol. I remember a few years ago when all the fashionistas were orgasming about the Vuitton edition with mert and marcus:

or the visionaire - GOYARD trunk

which sold for 150 000 USD. that's right, recessioon what recession ... ugh

My favourite one so far would properly be the Van Cleef & Arpel edition

My taste is a little bourgeois, no? Okie fine, I'll admit I kind want the Arpel charm a bit more than the book itself lol, but then again who doesnt fall for an van cleef and arpel charm? :P

So i came across the site the other day, and looks like they've just added a new piece to the collection. It's called Solar, where they use special printing technology and you can only see black and white photos indoors. But once you go outside, the direct sunlight will transform those images into incredibly colourful photos :D. A bit of a childhood's dream huh? :). Call me cheesy but my favourite's by Yoko Ono, where the black and white image says:

it says "dream" for those of you with poor vision lol. then under direct sunlight, the image will turn into this:

pretty cool eh? i'll leave it to the poetic wordy ones to interpret that :P

head over to to discover the rest of the amazingness that is Visionaire :).

Now where's my Russian loyalty? I need USD 150 000 to get me that Goyard trunk with all the Visionaires in it. :D

I love you all!


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