Monday, December 28, 2009

Hermes's "diffusion line" ....

is not going to be called "H by Hermes", but rather SHANG XIA instead. According to, this coming spring, Hermes will launch a CHINA-exclusive brand called SHANG XIA, which includes ready-to-wear and decorative arts inspired by Chinese culture and traditions of craftsmanship.

These are to be made using Chinese raw materials and artisanal know-how, Herm├Ęs said.

The aim of this new brand is to compete with the current luxury brands in China, which, to me, can bring a number of benefits:

1) The main reason Hermes doesn't do AS WELL (in relative term, because growth for Hermes has been reportedly increasing in China over the past few years quite dramatically) in China-land is because of its pricing. Most products from other luxury brands (say LV, Gucci) are generally "cheaper" (again, relatively) than Hermes products - a basic hermes H belt is about 1.5 times more expensive than monogrammed LV or Gucci belt, and given that Gucci belts do go on sale every season, it's much easier and cheaper for Asian consumers to (illusionally) become part of the 'luxury' world through purchasing Gucci stuff. Now with lower pricing, perhaps Hermes would become more "accessible" for the brand conscious consumers?

2) Hermes is no where near an 'instantly recognizable' brand as others. An LV logo can be spotted from metres away, while an hermes "h" logo can only be seen from the front of a belt. Even Chanel stamps their ugly CCs every where on almost everything, and with most consumers' favourite equation being "more money = more logos per square unit", down pricing will make the hermes logo much more "money justifiable".

3) Instead of creating a diffusion line called "H by HERMES", which will surely disturb current Hermes followers due to possible luxury image degrading, this line has a completely different name and has nothing to do with Hermes, which means the luxury image of Hermes remains, and people on the street will still know an Hermes customer pays 1000 bucks for their belt and not mistake it for another brand, which, afterall, is what most Hermes customers want anyway ( who's willing to paying 1000 bucks for something that dont get recognized or get mistaken for something cheaper, RIGHT?).

However, if you think this new idea is a Win-win situation all the way, there are still a number of potential problems that may arise:

1) Even though Hermes has always prided itself on being the 'brand of craftsmanship and quality', it has solely made most of its profits through easily recognizable items ("H" logo belts, clic clac bracelets, birkin and kelly bags, collier de chien bracelets, etc) and created "myths" about some items (ie. the whole '2 year' waiting list non sense about birkin bags - read read 'bringing home the birkins' to get this busted, and videos about the whole 'craftsmen' working diligently and passionately to make that special beautiful bag). This explains much of its pricing. Take the Birkin bag for example: nicely made bag? yes. quality leather? yes. Practicality that justifies 10 000 $? Properly not. I've tried on one myself, and to be honest, if you take away all the stories and nonsense that go behind this bag, it's just a normal tote bag with useless cover flap and straps, not to mention there arent enough compartments inside, which means all ur stuff always gets mixed up and u end up spending minutes to get to your lipstick.

Now while Hermes customers constantly mask themselves as being 'anti brand', we all know most people purchase a Kelly bag or collier de chien belt to show off their status, perhaps not to the average population, but to mix in with the 'high society' crowd. And to be crude, most (and I mean MOST, not ALL) Chinese consumers do not have the sophistication to tell or appreciate quality, so with a completely new brand and perhaps no items that are already famous, how will Hermes make profits in China-land? Have they forgotten that unlike the Japanese, the Chinese arent trending setters, but rather trend followers?

2) Speaking of lack of sophistication in recognizing quality, most Chinese consumers solely judge quality of items based on where they're made, which explains the whole "getting things made in China than having the tags sewn on in Italy" trap most luxury companies have been using to keep their profits up. With (I assume) a new brand being made in China, will your average Chinese customer be willing to pay 500 bucks for a cashmere jumper with a "Made in China" tag? Or perhaps Hermes will have things made in China then send them to France to get the 'Shang Xia' logo stamped and use it to clarify their origin as "Made in France"?

With all that being said, I'm still excited about the introduction of its new brand. I'm sure Hermes with its multi million dollar super smart staff would have thought about all the things mentioned and found a solution :). I've been an Hermes customer over the years and is completely not an 'anti-Hermes', and definitely do not want to offend any Chinese readers. :).

Phew, essay finished, it's time to eat!



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello hello ....

About time I get back to my dusty little blogging corner. It's hard to keep up with everything these days, especially in this super festive season, ick! Hope everyone's having a wonderful time with friends and families. what are your NY resolutions? Mine's summarized perfectly in this:



Monday, December 21, 2009

Would you buy this?

Miss Sasha Fierce's new fragrance - named 'HEAT':

She's destroyed our eyes with her fashion choices (sympathy goes out to Balmain and Gareth Pugh), now she's determined to destroy our sense of smells too ...



free poll




image from thefashionspot

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Don't we all want to be a Gucci girl?

Blonde, toned, tanned, rich, fierce and super vain?

That Poly girl is a machine I'm telling you. Who the hell maintains that body, books every campaign, editorial and walks/opens all the major shows after THAT MANY YEARS in the business?!! I say put Raquel in the ICONS list, and make Miss Poly number 1 on the models list!

Thank you Frida, thank you Natasha, thank you I&V, my tacky eyes had a major visual feast!


Friday, December 18, 2009

is this the future of movies?

This ...

the trailer really does not do it justice. Storyline: 5/10. Cinematography + entertainment factor: 11/10! Make sure you see it in 3D :).


is this the future of movies?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

you've changed .... oh oh oh oh ....

currently loving this ...

gotta support local talents!


Monday, December 14, 2009

I still had some faith in Proenza Schouler ...

until I saw this on their website:

Really?! The duo Parsons graduates who are famous for their trend setting, hip cool, innovative designs that make me drool every season came up with something like that?

While I dont have much of a problem with the purse design itself, the "Proenza Schouler" stamp is just plain horrid. And the 'made in Italy' underneath completely ruins it. What type of customers did they have in mind this time? Monogram/brand obsessed customers in Asia and Russia?

To my knowledge, which I now assume is not that correct, a Proenza SChouler woman is someone who's sophisticated, who wants understated, hip and chic fashion. She's someone who can tell whether a dress is well made without looking at the brand. Now has she turned into one of those 'brand victims' that needs to let people know where she purchased her purse, and has to see those misleading 'made in italy' tags because she can't even trust herself when it comes to spotting quality? The "out of stock" sign said it all ...

To complete their 'online shopping experience', Proenza Schouler also offered this:

It is saddening that many designers these days have to turn to innane accessories and fragrance to boost their sales. Now noone needs to save for a beautiful Proenza jacket anymore, they can just go buy Target clothes, then buy a PS key ring, and they too can (illusionally) be a part of the hip, downtown chic 'Proenza' lifestyle.

I wonder what's next? Alexander Wang made in France poker sets, Christopher Kane made in UK usb sticks, or Richard Nicoll made in Australia cosmetic case?



What was seen on Miss " I just gave birth still I look hot"

The Ultra GEORGE Melanie Huynh:


I chose the black/gold version because I have a thing for black & gold :). Now I need an occasion to wear this .... may be on my way to work at the Vogue Paris office? *wishful wishful*

Now if only I had some major legs like Melanie ...


Sunday, December 13, 2009

i think i like it igh igh igh igh ihg ....

So I'm far from what most people consider a 'party animal', but every now and then I seem to go crazy to some random 'Club Anthem', in my room, and not in a club (how ironic). The latest one was this:

The video clip is horrible, but I forgive them :).



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are you a criminal? ...

for committing these offenses?

10 Worst Male Fashion Offenses

1) Low V-Neck Shirts
While some men can pull off this American-Apparel look, most agree that it's generally offensive.

2) Popped Collars

Hopefully, men are slowly realizing that this is a fashion don't!

3) White Shoes

White shoes were banned from the Australian nightclub. You all want to ban them too.

4) Baggy Jeans

We don't need to see any boxers or butt cracks.

5) Skinny Jeans

So baggy jeans are out, but so are skinny jeans according to you guys. Sounds like men need to find a nice in between fit.

6) 'Manpris' (Male version of capri pants:-P)
Let's choose either shorts or pants, OK?

7) T-Shirts With Stupid Slogans

Nobody's laughing.

8) Ed Hardy

All of you seem to agree that these designs just don't work. But we might be seeing more Ed Hardy – the brand is set to launch a line of baby products.

9) Sideways or Backwards Baseball Hats
It might work with Travis Barker's look, but most of you only want to see a baseball hat worn the correct way.

10) Flip-Flops Worn Anywhere but the Beach

Flip-flops with jeans: not a good look.

We've all done silly things in the past (I once lusted after an Ed Hardy t-shirt, but gladly never got myself to purchase one, phew ...), but if you're still making one of those 10 mistakes again, I pleade you GUILTY!

Click HERE for the original article with illustrations.


this is insanely addictive ...

THIS ...

*gets up and does a tribal interpretive dance*


Monday, December 7, 2009

when pheobe philo takes over ....

you know you can't deny! okiez that was a really lame use of the song "when love takes over", but can I please direct your attention to Celine's latest accessory collection. Remember a while back when I said Celine was going to be the new Chloe now that Pheobe Philo's taking over as creative director? Well, looks like not only did their apparel department get a revamp, the old boring accessories also got a make over! First up are the belts and shoes:

Though it's the bags that made me drool ...

Amazing no? Would those be the new paddingtons? Properly not, but then again IT bags are soooo 2006, practicality is the new THANG!

Just to remind you again why Pheobe was, and also will be the queen of minimalism:



Saturday, December 5, 2009

xmas came early this year ...

When I received this email ...

" Dear --------,

RE: Vogue Forum Feedback, January 2010

Congratulations, your reply to our Forum Feedback question was selected by Kirstie Clements , Vogue Australia ’s Editor-in-Chief, as the post of the month. To thank you for your time, opinion and involvement in the forum your response was printed in the January edition of Vogue and you will also receive a 12 month subscription to Vogue Australia .

In order to claim your subscription, simply reply to this email with your full details including, name, daytime postal details and a contact number. Once I have received your confirmation email I will then organise your 12 month subscription to be sent to you.

Many thanks once again and we hope you continue to enjoy the forum.

Best wishes,

coco di cocco - product manager / social editor"

The email actually went straight to my spam folder which I was going to empty. Fortunately I was so bored I actually spent time reading my spam emails muahahahaha!

Thank you Vogue Australia!

I love freebies!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Should 21st century techno-age Vogue covers look like ...


Vogue Italia's twitter themed december cover.

Love it or hate it, you still gotta love Franca Sozzani for being probably the most creative editor alive.

Vogue Italia + Meisel = EPIC!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the hottest show on earth ...

is finally here! Watch watch and feel depressed about the last piece of carbs you just ate! lol

Is it just me or does anyone else also think the VS show is really starting to lose its lustre now? May be it's becuz Adrianna Lima got knocked up and couldn't walk this year?

I still LOVE!

Special mentions to Anja Rubik and Edita :).