Saturday, December 5, 2009

xmas came early this year ...

When I received this email ...

" Dear --------,

RE: Vogue Forum Feedback, January 2010

Congratulations, your reply to our Forum Feedback question was selected by Kirstie Clements , Vogue Australia ’s Editor-in-Chief, as the post of the month. To thank you for your time, opinion and involvement in the forum your response was printed in the January edition of Vogue and you will also receive a 12 month subscription to Vogue Australia .

In order to claim your subscription, simply reply to this email with your full details including, name, daytime postal details and a contact number. Once I have received your confirmation email I will then organise your 12 month subscription to be sent to you.

Many thanks once again and we hope you continue to enjoy the forum.

Best wishes,

coco di cocco - product manager / social editor"

The email actually went straight to my spam folder which I was going to empty. Fortunately I was so bored I actually spent time reading my spam emails muahahahaha!

Thank you Vogue Australia!

I love freebies!


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