Sunday, April 26, 2009

this disgusts me

so much for original, all my ladies and gentlemen!


image from

and here is the latest cue collection:

image from

what do you think? ugh...
~dee ha~

Friday, April 24, 2009

beyond your imagination

tackiness beyond your imagination that is :P. now tell me, who the hell could've thought of this outfit? ....

i'm so proud of being viet i'm telling you :P.
that's all.
~dee ha~

Saturday, April 4, 2009

IT girl

It seems like there are a zillion IT girls whose images appear on gossip magazines / fashion blogs everyday. The thing about all those aggy deyn, alexa chung, etc etc that fascinate me is while they received their IT status for keeping their originality, they're all very similar! So i've decided to make a list on how to become a fashion IT girl:

1. Make sure you're pretty and skinny, preferrably with no boobs and killer legs.

2. Make sure you become a well known designer's muse:

3. Try your hardest to appear on a fashion magazine. If you cant get onto vogue or bazaar, elle or marie claire would do.

4. Make sure you become a citizen of britain or france if you're not already one. Hollywood IT girls are sooo 2006.

5. Make sure you're photographed wearing 80s clothes

6. Doesn't matter if your clothes are old or new, when asked, always say you got them from a vintage store.

7. when asked for one word to describe your style, only choose between these 2 words: electic or eccentric.

8. one of your fashion icons should include bridgitte bardot, or grace kelly.

9. your favourite designers should include margiela or mcqueen.

So what do you think, are It girls original? i say original my ass.

How about dee ha as the new IT girl? lol