Sunday, May 31, 2009

And the award for the best coffee table book goes to ...

VISIONAIRE! I think all the Visionaire collectibles are incredible. Collaborated with the best people in art/fashion/music, it really is the kind of necessity that I'd have to have once I've had money for everything else in the world lol. I remember a few years ago when all the fashionistas were orgasming about the Vuitton edition with mert and marcus:

or the visionaire - GOYARD trunk

which sold for 150 000 USD. that's right, recessioon what recession ... ugh

My favourite one so far would properly be the Van Cleef & Arpel edition

My taste is a little bourgeois, no? Okie fine, I'll admit I kind want the Arpel charm a bit more than the book itself lol, but then again who doesnt fall for an van cleef and arpel charm? :P

So i came across the site the other day, and looks like they've just added a new piece to the collection. It's called Solar, where they use special printing technology and you can only see black and white photos indoors. But once you go outside, the direct sunlight will transform those images into incredibly colourful photos :D. A bit of a childhood's dream huh? :). Call me cheesy but my favourite's by Yoko Ono, where the black and white image says:

it says "dream" for those of you with poor vision lol. then under direct sunlight, the image will turn into this:

pretty cool eh? i'll leave it to the poetic wordy ones to interpret that :P

head over to to discover the rest of the amazingness that is Visionaire :).

Now where's my Russian loyalty? I need USD 150 000 to get me that Goyard trunk with all the Visionaires in it. :D

I love you all!


lady gaga's nothing compared to this ...

so EVERY SINGLE blog i've read so far has been raving about lady gaga's new paparazzi video, which made me literally want to kill myself if I hear that song ever again. To me she's still trying a bit too hard, but bleh not that my opinion matters.

Over here in Down Under Land, there's this incredible new band which I love love love called 'Empire of the Sun', and I think their videos are incredible. They're artistic in a quirky, weird and extremely humourous way. And the ideas behind their videos are awesome too. Basically they're going on a sort of world tour, and filming a new video in every country they go too. Pretty cool eh?

Watch their videos below. Warning: their music is addictive!!

we are the people - my favourite favourite song evah!

walking on a dream

the preview for their new video for 'standing on a shore' is really awesome too. cant wait :)

Now they'd better drag their asses back to australia and do a tour here!

I love you all!


you know you're the most fierce First Lady when you ...

have your nude photo auctioned for 60 000 EUROS, not 60 yall, SIXTY THOUSAND!

WARNING: the following images are NSFW ! and will make you very green with envy!

Say whatever you wanna say, but Carla Bruni kicks Mrs Obama's ass anytime.

I love you all!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Forget Andre Leon Talley ...

This Andre J is the shit!

Now that just proves even MEN / QUEENZ that work at French Vogue have MAJAH legs!

I love you all!


Friday, May 29, 2009

Lola lolita Luella ....

I have an obsession with Liberty floral prints. I cannot remember how many times I've jumped for joy when I saw a Liberty Floral shirt. While big florals are quite hard to pull off and you're always on the verge of being either fierce or tacky (but then again most fierce stuff's quite tacky isnt it? lol), Liberty florals are just extremely pretty and cheerful, a bit british luncheon garden party almost :).

Anyhoo, we all might know my obsession for UK designers by now. So when you have a combination of a UK designer + liberty floral collection + extremely pretty clothes with a little twist + royal/chanel aesthetics + super bright feel good colours, my heart literally stopped beating :D.
Okie enough introduction, let me introduce you to my all time favourite UK girl, LUELLA! Luella was voted UK designer of the year last year, and I think she deserved every single bit of it. Totally the girl to go to for chic classic clothes with a twist, have faith in a Luella dress for the feel good factor. Below are my favourite looks from the spring summer collection that earned her the prestige award:

I love you all! and I love Luella!


my ultimate pimp mobile ....

FORGET bugatti for hermes, this is the shit ya'll!

Oh dear, now who's gonna pack their bags and go find Russian royalties to marry with me?!

I love you all!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bring back the GENTLEMEN plz!!

So I was just walking around the city today aimlessly watching all the so called 'fashionistas' parading their outrageous outfits around, and what I noticed was this lack of well dressed MEN in today's society. Now I do admit I love Heidi Slimane and the skinny look he brought to Dior Homme in 2001 that started the whole skinny boy trend, but almost 8 years is ENOUGH. NO MORE skinny boys, no more NERDY CHIC, no more boys with hair covering half their faces, no more androgyny, no more sexual ambiguity! Seriously, don't you reckon it's time to bring back the real men? I want men with beard, men with thighs, men with arms, men that dont fit into girls skinny jeans. all this ridiculous trend of boys wanting to be girls has been fun but it has got to STOP!
To all designers out there, please listen. There shall be no more of this:

and more of this:

okay may be the muscle god of the 90s is a bit overwhelming ... lol! but you know what i mean. Watching 'Mad men' lately has gotten me wishing that the real 'Hollywood' glamour gentlemen would just come back and bring back that charm, that elegance, that 'coolness' that is so incredibly sexy. A REAL man should wear:

berluti lace ups

charvet fitted (NOT TIGHT) shirts

savile row 3 piece suits

brioni 7-fold ties

patek phillipe watch

with his hair nicely cut and combed back.

I'm glad that the past few seasons, there's been a revival of masculine clothes. How long until all the supposedly uber cool so called 'fashionista' kidz start wearing these clothes is another question. Dont you just hope there'll be more of this *sigh*:

I love you all!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm currently ...

watching 'THE CITY' for the 2nd time! SAD i know lol. Well i'm a sucker for reality TV, especially when it's in New York city, about fashion and with hot people back stabbing each other. COMPLETE HOTNESS PACKAGE YA"LL!

For those of you who havent watched it, 'The City' is a spin off of "The Hills', with Whitney moving to New York city after getting a job at DVF. Now while I HATE HATE HATE the hills ( I can't stand those LA girls), I absolutely love 'The City'. First of all because my all time favourite male model's on there ( warning: the image below is NSFW and might cause all you girls and gays to orgasm lol):

For those of you who don't know who he is, his name is Adam Senn and he's been one of the biggest male models for a while.

Then I fell in love with this gorgeous bitch from the city:

That's right. She's Olivia Palermo and she's the socialite behind THAT letter scandal posted on a while ago, and the whole fight scandal with Tinsley Mortimer. This girl's flawless in every sense I'm telling you. While she's portrayed as the ultimate bitch, she's the only reason that kept me watching the show. One hilarious diva that Olivia girl is.

Then you have the main character of the show, WHITNEY from the hills. Now I seriously don't get how she got a job at DVF. Supposedly playing the real stylish girl on the show, most of her outfits were horrible. She's completely boring, achingly fake sweet and has the most annoying LA accent EVAH! I remember watching one episode of the hills with her n lauren working at Teen Vogue and they pronounced Givenchy as "GEE - VENN - CHEE"! ugh ...

Anyhoo, the city's pure indulgence for winter. Head over to and watch all the episodes. Make sure you watch the after show section too ( I did, twice, lol!). Dont get addicted like I did!

Now when will Dee Ha get to work for Lanvin? ... wishful thinking much? lol

I love you all!


come cruise with me, come cruise come cruise away ....

i love cruise collections. They're normally a lot easier to digest than the typical DRAMATIC, MAKE A STATEMENT and OVER THE TOP FANTABULOUSIOLULA runway shows. But then again, I'm properly just a stupid bitch who can't appreciate art :P.

Anyhoo, I love love love Stefano Pilati for YSl and I love cruise collections, so when i found pictures of YSL cruise collection on the net, i literally jumped for joy (yay! lol). Check it out below:

the bags, the accessories, the clothes! the yellow bolero jacket, the animal print outfits! gorgeousness to the maximum! 20 out of 10 for pilati! lol

NOW Albert Elbaz better hurry his ass up and present the Lanvin cruise collection QUICK!

I love you all!


images from fashionisima

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i want cheekbones!

like the givenchy boys! check out the latest givenchy ads, shot by mert and marcus (who also shot the supermodels LV campaign):

It looks so french, no?! while i properly cant pull off sparkling leggings or leather leggings for men, the boys look kinda fierce! simon nessman is MAJAH! and i love that haircut! weird taste i know lol.

below are the women's ones:

no leather but the clothes still look so gorgeous. and who would've thought adriana lima could be THAT FIERCE? WERQ girl WERQ! I love love love :D. Now when will the lanvin campaign come out?! i can't wait!

I love you all!


Monday, May 25, 2009

so i tried to resist but i just couldn't ...

stop watching porn ... LOL JK! well remember in one of the previous posts how i said there was so much going on in the london fashion scene? well i told myself i'd resist posting about UK designers for a while, but I just couldnt do it lol.

So ... who's up today?! It's this sexy young man!

Quite good looking eh? Wonder if he's gay ... lol Anyhoo, so his name's R I C H A R D N I C O L L and he's Australian. Hooray, eventually we get to have someone to replace sass n bide ! lol Growing up in Perth, Australia and having finished a master degree at St Martins College of Art, Richard's been causing quite a stir lately with his bold yet relaxed designs with extremely high quality garments.

While his first few collections were a bit messy (let's say a bit Michael Kors / Lacoste), like this:

his last two collections have been extremely coherent, original while still keeping that clean / wearable aesthetics:

My favourite collection so far would've been the current spring 2009 one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his use of tangerine, aqua, all those bold pellette colours!

Richard's also known to cut one of the nicest white shirts in the business. His signature white shirt is a bit snuggyt around the bust area, and floats out a bit more coming down the waist, like this :

I don't know about you, but I think he's properly one of the few new aussie talents that will be BIG, like MAJAHLY BIG in the near future.

The multi million question is: Why did Richard Nicoll decide to show in London and not Sydney? Does it say something about his opinion on Aussie fashion? lol!

I love you all!

~Dee - Ha~