Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm currently ...

watching 'THE CITY' for the 2nd time! SAD i know lol. Well i'm a sucker for reality TV, especially when it's in New York city, about fashion and with hot people back stabbing each other. COMPLETE HOTNESS PACKAGE YA"LL!

For those of you who havent watched it, 'The City' is a spin off of "The Hills', with Whitney moving to New York city after getting a job at DVF. Now while I HATE HATE HATE the hills ( I can't stand those LA girls), I absolutely love 'The City'. First of all because my all time favourite male model's on there ( warning: the image below is NSFW and might cause all you girls and gays to orgasm lol):

For those of you who don't know who he is, his name is Adam Senn and he's been one of the biggest male models for a while.

Then I fell in love with this gorgeous bitch from the city:

That's right. She's Olivia Palermo and she's the socialite behind THAT letter scandal posted on a while ago, and the whole fight scandal with Tinsley Mortimer. This girl's flawless in every sense I'm telling you. While she's portrayed as the ultimate bitch, she's the only reason that kept me watching the show. One hilarious diva that Olivia girl is.

Then you have the main character of the show, WHITNEY from the hills. Now I seriously don't get how she got a job at DVF. Supposedly playing the real stylish girl on the show, most of her outfits were horrible. She's completely boring, achingly fake sweet and has the most annoying LA accent EVAH! I remember watching one episode of the hills with her n lauren working at Teen Vogue and they pronounced Givenchy as "GEE - VENN - CHEE"! ugh ...

Anyhoo, the city's pure indulgence for winter. Head over to and watch all the episodes. Make sure you watch the after show section too ( I did, twice, lol!). Dont get addicted like I did!

Now when will Dee Ha get to work for Lanvin? ... wishful thinking much? lol

I love you all!


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