Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bring back the GENTLEMEN plz!!

So I was just walking around the city today aimlessly watching all the so called 'fashionistas' parading their outrageous outfits around, and what I noticed was this lack of well dressed MEN in today's society. Now I do admit I love Heidi Slimane and the skinny look he brought to Dior Homme in 2001 that started the whole skinny boy trend, but almost 8 years is ENOUGH. NO MORE skinny boys, no more NERDY CHIC, no more boys with hair covering half their faces, no more androgyny, no more sexual ambiguity! Seriously, don't you reckon it's time to bring back the real men? I want men with beard, men with thighs, men with arms, men that dont fit into girls skinny jeans. all this ridiculous trend of boys wanting to be girls has been fun but it has got to STOP!
To all designers out there, please listen. There shall be no more of this:

and more of this:

okay may be the muscle god of the 90s is a bit overwhelming ... lol! but you know what i mean. Watching 'Mad men' lately has gotten me wishing that the real 'Hollywood' glamour gentlemen would just come back and bring back that charm, that elegance, that 'coolness' that is so incredibly sexy. A REAL man should wear:

berluti lace ups

charvet fitted (NOT TIGHT) shirts

savile row 3 piece suits

brioni 7-fold ties

patek phillipe watch

with his hair nicely cut and combed back.

I'm glad that the past few seasons, there's been a revival of masculine clothes. How long until all the supposedly uber cool so called 'fashionista' kidz start wearing these clothes is another question. Dont you just hope there'll be more of this *sigh*:

I love you all!


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