Sunday, May 17, 2009

trend prediction ...

i'm no trend setter. Actually i'm like super duper far far far from being a fashionista/trend setter. I'm merely a trend observer. Normally, in fashion a trend sorta originates in this order:

1. a designer or fashion editor (carine roitfeld is that chu?!) would start a trend.

2. Then you get those actual fashionistas (no, not you rihanna!) to wear those clothes while people on the street think they're complete freaks.

3. Other designers start absorbing the trend and make up an "i got my inspiration from earth and water, etc" then zoop, they appear all over major catwalks during fashion weeks.

4. After fashion weeks, all major magazines start reporting and this becomes the official 'launch' of the trend

5. Then all the so called 'fashionistas' (this is when the olsens and rihanna come in!) start wearing them

6. Obviously this appears all over gossip magazines, and high street (ie h&m, topshop AND AUSSIE DESIGNERS! lol) start following this trend and everyone starts wearing them!

7. While that happens, another top designer/ carine roitfeld starts another trend and the whole cycle starts again.

Perfect examples below:

- the studded trend :

yup, that was givenchy fall 2007 everyone!

let's have a look at another trend shall we? let's say .... BIG SHOULDERS

now that was MARGIELA that started the trend way back in fall 2007, not christophe decarnin for balmain! (now let's not even start on aussie designer camilla & marc lol).

So what does all that have to do with Dee Ha's trend prediction u may be asking?

Well, with all that pre-info in mind, lately i've been noticing a revival of the 90s trend, most obvious through the latest VOGUE PARIS editorial styled by carine:

doesnt that remind you of this:

- shania twain in 'that don't impress me much'

and this:

It also makes sense because during the recession people look back at the 80s cuz it was the fun-nest time, but then after the recession, 90s sorta comes in since because it was when people started being a bit less crazy, more realistic, while a bit of tackiness and mostly fun still remained. Oh how i miss the 90s ... Anyhoo, if the 90s ever revives (so i look back and be like 'I TOLD YOU SO!' lol), let's hope we'll get to see more of this:

- liz hurley in THAT safety pin versace dress - voted best red carpet dress of all time :).

and less of this :

YES I"M LOOKING AT ALL OF YOU SPICE GIRLS FANS (including my sisters lol!).

That's all!

~Dee - Ha~

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