Monday, May 11, 2009

mercedez brisbane fashion festival

here in brisbane (the little whoop whoop corner of the fashion world), they have an event called mercedez brisbane fashion festival, which to most brisbanites is like "whoa internet's finally come to town" kinda thing.
anyhoo, i stumbled across the website today and lookie lookie what i found, all these photos that supposedly represent the best of brissy fashion.

this is photo for day 4 - kicking it:

r u thinking wat i'm thinking?! yes yes, louis vuitton spring summer is that chu?! with shoes imported from chinese local market?!

this is from day 5 - themed "party":

i know photo shopping is good, but is making the model's legs joint together and chopped off and make her look like ariel the little mermaid in a dress that necessary?!

this photo's for day 6 - called 'explore' :

enuf said, emily the strange for temt is that chu?!

i know i know, i sound super mean now but that's cuz i'm just a jealous bitter bitch who cant even design myself lol.

but dont you reckon brissy still has a lot to learn still?


~dee - ha~

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