Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top ten hottest designers .... based on looks :P

Don't worry, I'm not gonna do another 'top ten collections of the season'. I'll leave it to wwd.com to do that job. The thing I've noticed lately, though, is that the new generation of designers have gotten soo GOOD-LOOKING! They're so hot they might as well be ambassadors for the brands. So below are my top ten most good looking designers, both male and female. WARNING: these images might make you green with envy! :P

10. Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana: pretty much associated with all outfits as tight as humanly possible (lol), but that's because these men 2 are packed with super glowing tan and sexy muscles. Damn those Italianos :P:

9. Jack McCollough & Hernando Fernadez: I love these Proenza duos i really do. The fact that they're always together makes them soo cute :).

8. Stefano Pilati: of YSL. He's the one that makes turtlenecks on men look sooo effing stylish! not your typical muscle man, but don't you think he's really got heaps of sex appeal? there's that romance and mystery in this man that makes him so attractive i reckon.

7. Kris Van Assche: of Dior Homme. Properly as handsome as you can get, and super well spoken too :D

6. Marc Jacobs: just look at his muscles, need I say more? :P

5. "STELLAR" McCartney: two things to describe this woman: MAJAH LEGS, WICKED STYLE! look at her outfiercing kate moss with that pose lol! WERQ girl WERQ!

4. Zac Posen: such a gentleman in my opinion, and as fantabulous as you can ever get :P. Look at that strong jaw and those cheek bones!

3. Frida Giannini: the fact that she's the head designer for Gucci says it all :)! doesnt the black and white photo scream 'chloe' fragrance to u?!

2. Tom Ford: properly as dreamy and sexy as you can get! To me he really is the sex symbol of this business :).

1. The the winner of this week's beauty pageant, also the love of my life (lol), ISSSS ......

that's right, ALBERT ELBAZ is the shit! say what you wanna say and i dont care! lol

love you all!


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