Sunday, May 31, 2009

lady gaga's nothing compared to this ...

so EVERY SINGLE blog i've read so far has been raving about lady gaga's new paparazzi video, which made me literally want to kill myself if I hear that song ever again. To me she's still trying a bit too hard, but bleh not that my opinion matters.

Over here in Down Under Land, there's this incredible new band which I love love love called 'Empire of the Sun', and I think their videos are incredible. They're artistic in a quirky, weird and extremely humourous way. And the ideas behind their videos are awesome too. Basically they're going on a sort of world tour, and filming a new video in every country they go too. Pretty cool eh?

Watch their videos below. Warning: their music is addictive!!

we are the people - my favourite favourite song evah!

walking on a dream

the preview for their new video for 'standing on a shore' is really awesome too. cant wait :)

Now they'd better drag their asses back to australia and do a tour here!

I love you all!


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