Sunday, May 3, 2009

forget thom browne, tom ford is the shit!

people who know me know my obsession with tom ford. tom ford fragrance, sun glasses, menswear, the deisgner himself, his taste in life etc. i was just surfing the net recently and looks like his website's been given a facial, cuz it looks fantabulous! you can even view his collection online! omg omg omg i cummed like 20 times i'm telling u. below are images from his spring 2009 colletion:

the popping colour suits, pants, jackets! OMG! the shoes, the hair, the sunglasses, the styling! AHHHHH!! i'm telling you i need to find russian royalty to marry me so i can buy the whole tom ford store!! :( for now, i guess gap or zara will do!! not that i have any money for gap either :'(.
and just to make all you metro guys/queens out there drool even more, the latest piece from tom ford's limited edition:

now the multi million dollar question is: when will tom ford monogram g strings for men come out? cuz i need to put my name down the waiting list! lol

that's all!
~dee ha~


  1. When I was younger, I thought I was going to marry Tom Ford. I know understand that gay men don't marry women. Well, some do. We'll see what happens.

  2. back off he's marrying me, lol jk! your obsession is very understandable though, i dont think i can find a woman that doesnt want to marry him :)