Sunday, May 17, 2009

forget rick owens ....

HAIDER ACKERMANN's leather jackets are the new shit! I have this thing that whenever I see something so incredibly beautiful I jump for joy (lol!) and I lost 1 00000000 calories jumping up and down for joy when i saw his collection I'm telling you :D. I'm normally not a fan of leather, partly cuz i'm a bitter fat bitch who can't pull it off and partly cuz i used to be scarred by all these images when i was young:

But since I tried on one of those rick owens leather jackets (that i couldn't afford lol), i changed my mind like straight away. The jacket was soooooooo soft, and fitted so well. I remember looking into the mirror feeling like I was on french vogue until the SA came knocking on the change room door cuz i was taking too long (he properly thought i was trying to snug some jackets into my bag haha).

Anyhoo, while Rick Owens has created such a fan base amongst celebrities all over the world, Haider Ackermann has been more of an under the radar Parisian designer. I remember checking out his collections a few seasons back merely because of his interesting name ( I have a thing for designers whose names are impossible to pronounce lol), and I was mesmerized. Being a Frenchman with a Belgian background, he's incredibly mixed that underated eroticism in French Fashion with those beautiful scandinavian colour pellets and geometry. Labelled the 21st century Vionnet ( the woman who pretty much made draping sexy :) ), season after season he's continued to deliver dreamy draped pieces that are so mesmerizing.

For the past few seasons, Haider has introduced draped butter-soft leather jackets (DRAPED LEATHER, like HOW DID HE DO THAT?!) that I think are purely masterpieces. Below are a few looks from his collections:

This man deserves VOGUE PERIS EDITORIALS i'm telling you. CARINE can you hear me?! lol
Apparently he doesnt have a website or if he does i'm yet to know about it, but just head over to and check out the rest of his collections.

Luisaviaroma however does stock some of his pieces. My favourites are these:

I forgot to tell you guys to ignore the price tags, oops :D. But as Carine said, all you do in recession time is dream right? :).

so .....

Just wondering if he's gay ... lol

Love you all!


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