Monday, May 11, 2009

my latest addiction ...

no it's not lanvin, demeulemeester or haider ackherman of any sort. this comes cheaps, AUD 1.50 for the whole thing which includes 4 small packs. Its packaging is gorgeous, colourful with red as the main tone. It also smells extra duper good. Lemme introduce you to my latest addiction, my ULTIMATE must have this winter ......

DAMN RIGHT! whatever flavour enhancers they put in this crap, they're working! on me anyway. i've had 4 packs of these so far today, with toast and butter, by itself, as a side dish for dinner, then eventually with rice (wth?! i know!).

my favourite's the croutons range, especially the creamy chicken and corn. they need to stop producing this thing or all my hours at the gym would go to waste. this addiction is driving me insane and it need to stop!

right now, to calm down i'm gonna go make myself a cup-a-soup ...... with 2 slices of toast and extra butter thank you.


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