Tuesday, May 12, 2009

best dressed at rosemount fashion week ...

is definitely this lady .....

i actually didnt know who she was until i came across the grazia website last night. Apparently Terri's quite a famous shoe designer (which totally proves my lack of fashion knowledge, ugh ..) All I can say about her outfit though is WOW. To actually wear McQueen to Wayne Cooper is like a slap on Mr Cooper's face saying 'let british bad boy show to to WEERRQ!' lol. i'm such bitch :D.

This girl tho needs to be stopped ....

the one on the right that is! I saw the latest Grazia magazine at Coles the other day and she was on the cover wearing newest season camilla n marc 80s jacket (which is very ugly and disgraceful btw). Apparently they named her 'Australia's new style icon' and i was like 'really?! like SERIOUSLY?'. I mean she's got big tits and appeared in RALPH, but to call her a style icon? .... oh well i'm properly just a bitter bitch lol.

SO what do you think?

~dee - ha~

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