Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm finally ...

in MELBOURNE! yay! I won't be blogging much this week, since I'm a busy bee with a celebrity schedule, lol jk. I LOVE LOVE LOVE melbourne. If any of you readers are in melbourne and wanna meet up, please leave me a message in the comment section :).

Been chilling all day today, and will start heading out and give my credit card a good work out tomoro lol, so it should be fun! :)

I love you all!


PS. I know everyone's been complaining about the s**tty rainy weather down here but I'm loving it! :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

it's that time of the year again ...

when i get to go down to melbourne for winter break! flying down tonight, can't wait! :D

I love you all!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

me likey ...

the leather/silver chain from the latest hermes men's collection:

cute eh? the tie's cute too. actuall the whole outfit's so cute!

so so me, me want! :)

*goes onto asos and tries to find exact rip offs* lol

I love you all!


the 21st century version of male beauty perfection ....

is Jon Kortajarena (preferably in Versace or Tom Ford):

the eyes, brows, chin, jaw, nose, facial hair, skin, the dreamy hair ... need i say more?

Dee Ha looks into the mirror ... and sighs ...


who are these two hot young mamas?

The abba fan :D:

And the soultry foxy lady :D

Can you guess?

I'm jealous. Some people have been flawless their whole lives .... :(

I love you all!


Properly the best men's collection this season yet ...

is DRIES VAN NOTEN! I was going to pick out the best looks but I ended up pretty much putting up the whole collection:


There's really no need to say much. Bet you didnt even notice he transitioned from english to african to indian prints did you? Now that's what i call SMOOOOOTHHH transition. Most coherent collection in my opinion yet.

How i wish i was Hamish Bowles so I could wear Dries everyday ....


Friday, June 26, 2009

I DIED ...

When I saw these black sandals from the latest HUGO by HUGO BOSS mens collection:

Alaia for men is that chu?

yum yum yum yum


bravo, vuitton!

I love Louis Vuitton, i really do. Besides their monograms which I totally dislike, I pretty much love the rest. Ready to wear, shoes, scarves, bangles etc etc, they get them all right seasons after seasons. Their latest menswear collection proved again they could do no wrong. One word to describe: HAWT:

Anyhoo, i'm not gonna talk much about the clothes, but rather focus on the shoes instead. THE BEST SHOE collection this season:

Click on the pic for a larger view. I WANT THEM ALL! especially the sandals, and the black/white sequined shoes, yum yum ! Also I randomly threw a bag in there cuz that was my favourite bag from this collection lol :D.

Now what's the website where you can find Russian millionaires to marry again? ...


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Milan Fashion Week NOTNESS-es

So Milan fashion week just finished, and while there were lots of HOTNESS-es, there were also a few NOTNESS-es that Dee Ha, even with his ultimate tackiness, still does not approve. Below's the list of NOTNESS-es for the coming spring season:

1. Notness #1: the 'i can afford a personal trainer' top:

2. Notness #2: the easy access pants

3. Notness #3: the 'i need to bulk up my skinny legs' pants:

4. Notness 4: the 21st century backstreet boys outfit:

5. Notness #5: the 'army boy that also uses toner and body lotion' pants:

6. Notness #6: the 'Brokeback Mountain meets Mardi Gras' outfit:

7. Notness #7: the 'you can see right through me' (literally) pants:

Then again, nothing beats Dee Ha's all time favourite look:

I love you all!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i'm envious ....

I know jealousy's not a good thing (extra hormone production = zits all over my face) but i cant help getting a bit envious seeing all my favourite fashion bloggers getting invited to milan and paris men's fashion week! *tears*

oh well, i guess i just gotta keep trying ... and dreaming ... one day some day ...


Once again, Hermione jumped in and saved the day ...

in the latest Teen Vogue US. I know i know, it still makes me shrug everytime i say it, because hello, the name itself combines two of my least favourite things in the world. Anyhoo, their latest editorial with Emma Watson looks soooo good:

This girl can do no wrong. The styling is FLAWLESS eh?

Now the question is: HOW THE HELL do teenagers afford dolce and williamson?! UNFAIR!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i'm currently loving ....

the pleated pants

I guess i'm a little old school. May be it's because my legs can never be as skinny as the Dior Homme boys. Or perhaps I'm too old for those tight acid wash CLURBING jeans.

I've tried on a few pairs and the fits are soo comfortable. I really want to wear these clubbing and see the horrored gasps from all the fashionistas. Good thing about these though, is when all the fashionistas start throwing eggs at me, I can start running easily without worrying about tearing my hard earned pants. Or about damaging my reproductive system. Afterall, I'm all about sustaining humanity.

I love you all!


it's our very last pictionary challenge!

cry people cry! lol jk. Before getting to our last one though, the answer for challenge #5 is ALEXANDER MCQUEEN. Everyone got that right so bravo! This last one's quite hard. It is from a womens spring summer 2009 collection obviously. Anyone who get it right without looking at the hint deserves a kiss on the cheek :).

Hint: this designer also had a big 'NO' slogan for one of their winter collections.


You can do it guys!

I love you all!


i'm feeling the red fever ...

from the latest Bottega Veneta men's collection! God i love Tomas Maier!

A line up of dangerously hot models in dreamy hair and tangerine,pink,red clothes for an audience of mostly single women and horned up gays, no wonder BV got good reviews! lol jk. I love how Maier designs real clothes for real men, no super skinny tight clothes, no acid wash non of that bull crap. Not just the clothes, the accessories are also TO DIE FOR!

That brown tote will be mine!

This season of menswear has been okay so far, i still miss spring 2007 but hey no point in looking back. I'm happy to see the return of REAL male models. YAY to HOT BEEFCAKES WITH TATTOOS! lol

Can't wait for Lanvin!


Monday, June 22, 2009

forget MGMT ...

because ANIMAL COLLECTIVE is the new shit! they're going to be BBIGG i'm telling ya'll. This song's been on repeat non stop today , ugh ...



Sunday, June 21, 2009

So you thought the Burberry campaign was hot?

well, take a good look at this behind the scene shot for the latest burberry campaign:

LOOK at that bitch ... i mean ... witch ... Emma Watson werqing her pose! tummy in, hands on the hips, chin up, profile forward she gets them all right! not to mention the trench looks completely gorgeous on hurrr! I love the nostalgic allure of the photo. Doesn't Emma's pose remind you of the classic Dior couture pose?

I love!


I told you so ....

Remember a while back when I showed you Trussardi 1911 and said watch out cuz they'd be MAJAH in the near future? Well, looks like i'm right because Milan's latest collection for Trussardi was one of the best for the past few days!

I'm jumping for joy i'm telling you! The short sleeved double breasted blazers and waist coats! the fringe decorated t shirts, the shoes the bags! I love how Milan mixed bohemian-native american and dandy chic so so well, and the collection still looked so cohesive while offerring many options for both day time and night time!

I do hope major online stores will start stocking their stuff soon (COLLETTE, BROWNS, LUISA do you hear me?!) because that navy short sleeved blazer and white fringed-neck t shirt need to be mine!

I'm so glad it's mens fashion fever time again. :)

I love you all!