Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Miuccia Prada, that insane woman, needs to be stopped! lol I seriously do not know what sort of food she eats but this woman is one hella genius! Season after season, she keeps reinventing herself and comes up with collections that are completely different from her previous ones, yet they never fail to impress. I love how Miuccia never follows trends, she SETS trends. All the stuff that u thought was tacky and cheap (hello? lace, crumbled fabrics, fisherman boots?), she turned them into the most desired items of the season. HOW CAN SHE DO THAT EVERYTIME? i'm so jealous i'm telling you lol. Below are my favourites from her latest cruise collection, ya'll know by now my obsession with cruise collections so enuf said :D:

the bags, the shoes, the pastel colours! oh god. and especially those tiny multicolour short shorts :P, i want i want! i can wear them to the beach, or go running in them around the park, cute no? LOL JK!

I love you all!


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