Tuesday, June 2, 2009

trussardi 1911

Trussardi is one of those old leather houses that have sort of stayed under the fashion radar over the years, and just concentrated on producing really great leather prouducts. Initially started as a luxury leather glove house, they then moved on to become quite a popular accessories house in Italy. I remember a few years back when my housemate lent me her trussardi gloves and they were soooo soft n stylish.
Anyhoo, they decided to follow the footsteps of other leather houses like BV, Loewe, etc, they've used the perfect 21st century fashion formula: old leather house + some spunky designer = eye catching accessories + clothes = $$$. And who's better to become their creative director than Milan Vukmirovic, one of the founders of the uber cool Parisian store COLLETTE. While it's going to take him a few more seasons to really polish up and get his message across, I reckon he's doing a graet job and have so far found his designs to be quite interesting:

i LOVE the sandals, the booties, the pants, the loose t shirt, the shirts, jackets, suspenders/belts ahh!!

One thing I wonder though, where are the SEXY GLOVES? bring back the leather gloves PLZ!

So what's next? DEE HA as creative director for Valextra? wishful wishful ... :P

I love you all !


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