Friday, June 5, 2009

denim dresses have never looked so delish ....

I've loved ACNE ( the swedish brand, not pimples ) since forever. To me they're the epitomy of Scandinavian fashion: simplicity, quality and creativity. I remember way back when everyone was going through the Tsubi jeans craze (yes i'm looking at you) just to show off they could afford an expensive pair of jeans, I got so fed up I went and bought a pair of ACNE jeans. Until this day, they're still my favourite pair and properly the softest + best fitted jeans I've ever owned.

The brand has come a long way since their denim-pants days, and is now the ultimate brand for anything-denim. I recently paid their website a visit (they ship internationally btw), and fell in love with their new range of denim dresses for women. I know, i know, denim dresses ... I'm telling you I've always had the same image of denim dresses in my head:

but below are the ACNE denim dresses:

Gorgeous eh? I love how the paid as much attention to the back of the dresses as they did to the front. The last dress looks very Lanvin with all the draping no?


Gotta love ACNE!

I love you all!


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