Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i'd rather be a bit ...

Alternative ...

So a friend of mine told me the other day my blog was a bit ... off the mainstream, and also suggested I should do more posts of:

a) my personal life drama - because everyone loves a bit of mooshy mashy stuff

b) photos of the different outfits i wear everyday

c) my purchases

d) popular fashion / entertainment news

which got me thinking a lot. To be honest, I started this blog to share with the world the more random side of me, and as a comeback to my friends suggestions:

a) my life isnt that all exciting, plus i'd rather keep my private life to myself

b) my style isnt that great

c) neither are my purchases

d) would you want to read about marc jacobs for louis vuitton , or michelle obama's fashion choises YET ON ANOTHER BLOG?

My intention when i started this blog for sure was not to be famous. Neither did I want to show off how much money I have, and to be honest I find blogs where people just try to whore all the big brands they purchase to be a bit vulgar. so .... i shall just stay a bit random eh?

I love you all!


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