Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Should I or should I not ...

get a new pair of sneakers?!

So a few days ago I decided after a year of leaving the the spotlight ( I used to be a 'hip hop'-er, hard to imagine but it's true) that I'd go back to a dancing class. Then I started looking for an outfit which wasnt hard because hello it's a dancing class so track pants and a loose tshirt would do (I'm not one of those students who are really into the whole hip hop thing and would dress ghetto like to hip hop classes). It was only when I started looking for dancing shoes that I was slapped with the shocking truth: I HAD NO SNEAKERS.

I looked through my several pairs of shoes and realized my shoe wardrobe could be easily divided into 3 sections:

a) the shiny pointy male hooker shoes:

b) my grandpa moccasins / penny loafers:

c) my so called 'unisex' roman leather sandals - FOR MEN obviously lol

and one pair of New Balance for gym. Note: pictures are merely for illustrations. My camera broke so i couldnt take photos of my own shoes ugh.

Anyhoo, since I can't really wear any of those shoes to a dance class, except for may be my new balance, but New Balance are ... trainers you know, I REFUSE to wear them anywhere outside gym, which means I need new sneakers, like these beaded Lanvin babies:

or the Raf Simons ones:

okiez may be not those (lol), but you know what i mean, something that can get me into missy elliott mood. However, on the other side, my credit card's going through rehab atm, and there are a trillion things on my never gonna end wishlist ... ugh


I love you all!


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