Thursday, June 25, 2009

Milan Fashion Week NOTNESS-es

So Milan fashion week just finished, and while there were lots of HOTNESS-es, there were also a few NOTNESS-es that Dee Ha, even with his ultimate tackiness, still does not approve. Below's the list of NOTNESS-es for the coming spring season:

1. Notness #1: the 'i can afford a personal trainer' top:

2. Notness #2: the easy access pants

3. Notness #3: the 'i need to bulk up my skinny legs' pants:

4. Notness 4: the 21st century backstreet boys outfit:

5. Notness #5: the 'army boy that also uses toner and body lotion' pants:

6. Notness #6: the 'Brokeback Mountain meets Mardi Gras' outfit:

7. Notness #7: the 'you can see right through me' (literally) pants:

Then again, nothing beats Dee Ha's all time favourite look:

I love you all!


1 comment:

  1. wow. whatelse can you expect from australians ahah. it looks like she went to lincraft and spree-ed a shizzload of organza. :|