Tuesday, March 23, 2010

on a long term hiatus ....

until i find inspirations to blog again. how long is this break going to last? I'm not too sure. Until then. baboosh! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

what is it about this photo ...

is that the coat, the pose, the shoes, or Carine ....

that makes it so wonderful?

I love


Thursday, March 11, 2010

There's god ...

Then there's Miuccia Prada. After such a disappointing season, finally Ms Prada closed fashion week with an ULTRA GORGE Miu Miu collection (Tip: never ever call Miu Miu a "diffusion line/sister line" of Prada in front of Mama Miuccia. It's a defiantly upmarket French brand now.).

I'm normally not into ultra pretty clothes. Please, leopard print and cut outs are more my taste, but there's something about Miu miu that always excites me. That being ultra pretty clothes, whimsical prints, or fur collars, all the tacky,vulgar, frivolous details that i seem to hate, somehow become so "sexy" and desirable under the masterhand of Ms Miu Miu.

This season is no exception. The collection was flawless. From the detachable (?) bow collar ( that seems to be a Prada statement for the past few seasons now)

to the beautiful lace and embroideries

to the "uber ugly" shoes that sure will pop up on EVERY SINGLE EDITORIAL

and finally the beautifully executed, pure genius designs and cuts and over the top chic clothes

Miu miu is truly PUR FEK TEEEOONNN!

Watch watch the show now!



Saturday, March 6, 2010

Big shoulders are the new G-shaved 'hoo-hah' ....

I'm glad Paris fashion week is finally here because London, Newyork and Milan were such big messes! Enough with long lame "inspiration explaining" excuses for ugly clothes *i'm looking at you miuccia*, I knew my tacky heart would sure be filled once Paris came.

One of the most anticipated shows in Paris over the past few seasons has got to be the "Balmain" show. I'm quite certain the moment I mention the B word, I'll have half the room of fashionistas screaming in ecstacy, while the other half would be the Chanel wearing b*$##$es gagulating.

Whether you like it or not, you've got to give props to Christopher Decarnin for ruling the fashion party crowds for almost a few years now. What I admire about him is seasons after seasons, it's a continuous process of development/evolution. The identity is always there, in the vainest, most vulgar, some might say, way of expression.

One critical factor in the success of Balmain has got to be the tremendous support from th Vogue Paris team. Carine Roitfeld put it on the fashion map, Emmanuelle Alt became the living Balmain muse. The rest is, well, history. It to me is almost like a de javu of the super powerful trio Carine Roitfeld/Tom Ford/Testino back in the 90s, early 00s, the authority of style that if you would have to be extremely oblivious to not notice had you lived in that era.

The similarities are there, though there are subtle differences. First of all is the target customer. The Tom Ford Gucci is Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, while the Balmain is, uhm, the 20yo version of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (perhaps her daughter, though would someone like that have a daughter?). Both are the kind of women that exude sexuality. They're the kind of women so vain, so dangerously provocative that the moment they walk into the room, men fire up with lust and the other women, well you know what women do when they see hot girls walking into the room, they envy subtly while calling them "sl*ts".

The second similarity is the kind of consistency in aesthetics that both designers share. Both Decarnin and Ford's designs do not change 180 degrees season after season, but would rather stay as a modified versions of the same aesthetics. Some people call it boring repetition, I say if it's the winning formula, why bother seeking for a change? Mind you, 10 years at Gucci, Tom Ford took over the fashion world with the same provocative aesthetics, and glamourised monogrammed Gucci thongs (which I did very secretly loved :P). Back to Balmain, I'm much more lustful of this season compared to the trashy military themed spring summer one. You know why? Because it combines three of my most favourite things in the world: tackiness, gold and napoleon.

Hate all you want, I say bravo Decarnin, long live the big shoulders.



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The girl of the season ....

So Paris week is not even here yet, but I already know who the girl of the season is. Step aside Abbey Lee, here comes the b!@#$ that dethroned you:

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the tallest, skinniest and ferosh-est of them all?

I love Freja :)


Saturday, February 27, 2010


This ...

I know I do watch a lot of $%#!@!%!, but every now and then I do like to indulge myself with something, ahem, meaningful. Being a bit of a, say, obsessed fan of Tom Ford, I knew I just had to see 'A single man'. I'll leave the review part for the critics, but all I can say is I've never seen a movie like that, cinematography wise. Almost every scene is flawless, breathtakingly beautiful, and screams TOMMMM FFFOOORRRDDD. The cast (I died when I saw Jon K), the settings, the conversations, the actions, the table set ups, the way Colin Firth crossed his legs, or smoked his cigarettes, and yes, the clothes, EVERYTHING was almost ... too beautiful ... Not a Hollywood movie, DEFINITELY not a gay movie, it was truly a Tom Ford movie (which I think should become a new genre).

For the Tom Ford fans, you'll die after you see it. For the non Tom Ford fans that appreciate beauty, you too will die after you see it. I certainly did.

Thank you Mr Thomas Carlyle Ford.

I love you.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

How on earth could this happen?

One of my most favouritest things to do is to check out models.com to see if my favourite girls still remain in the top spots (I only have 4 Raquel, Natasha, Sasha, Anja who literally top the rankings anyway). With Raquel pretty much claiming authority at no.1 spot for the past 3 years, I almost had a heart attack when I suddenly couldn't spot her face in the top 10, but was relieved when I found her in the 'ICONS' list :D

I do think no. 13's a bit unfair considering she works much harder than ... ahem ... that MOSS girl, but anyhoo, at least she's an ICON now, and still being campaign and VogueUS/Paris favourite, it's only a matter of time 'till she's the next Linda :D.

One thing I just could not belive my eyes though was this:

Lara Stone beating both my gurls Sasha and Natasha who have been in the no.2 spots for pretty much the past 2 years, to become the number one model?! REALLY?

I personally do not have anything against Lara, but in terms of modelling history, how could she possibly beat the 9-consecutive-seasons-for-Prada Sasha, and the Gucci-girl-since-2005 Natasha? HOW? I mean Lara's not even doing New York this season, and Sasha and Natasha are stilll ruling every catwalk, working like machines! isn't modelling about hard work and longevity and not about fad of the moment?

models.com, ARE YOU LISTENING?!

*tries to inhale and exhale slowly*


images from models.com