Saturday, February 27, 2010


This ...

I know I do watch a lot of $%#!@!%!, but every now and then I do like to indulge myself with something, ahem, meaningful. Being a bit of a, say, obsessed fan of Tom Ford, I knew I just had to see 'A single man'. I'll leave the review part for the critics, but all I can say is I've never seen a movie like that, cinematography wise. Almost every scene is flawless, breathtakingly beautiful, and screams TOMMMM FFFOOORRRDDD. The cast (I died when I saw Jon K), the settings, the conversations, the actions, the table set ups, the way Colin Firth crossed his legs, or smoked his cigarettes, and yes, the clothes, EVERYTHING was almost ... too beautiful ... Not a Hollywood movie, DEFINITELY not a gay movie, it was truly a Tom Ford movie (which I think should become a new genre).

For the Tom Ford fans, you'll die after you see it. For the non Tom Ford fans that appreciate beauty, you too will die after you see it. I certainly did.

Thank you Mr Thomas Carlyle Ford.

I love you.


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