Sunday, February 21, 2010

How on earth could this happen?

One of my most favouritest things to do is to check out to see if my favourite girls still remain in the top spots (I only have 4 Raquel, Natasha, Sasha, Anja who literally top the rankings anyway). With Raquel pretty much claiming authority at no.1 spot for the past 3 years, I almost had a heart attack when I suddenly couldn't spot her face in the top 10, but was relieved when I found her in the 'ICONS' list :D

I do think no. 13's a bit unfair considering she works much harder than ... ahem ... that MOSS girl, but anyhoo, at least she's an ICON now, and still being campaign and VogueUS/Paris favourite, it's only a matter of time 'till she's the next Linda :D.

One thing I just could not belive my eyes though was this:

Lara Stone beating both my gurls Sasha and Natasha who have been in the no.2 spots for pretty much the past 2 years, to become the number one model?! REALLY?

I personally do not have anything against Lara, but in terms of modelling history, how could she possibly beat the 9-consecutive-seasons-for-Prada Sasha, and the Gucci-girl-since-2005 Natasha? HOW? I mean Lara's not even doing New York this season, and Sasha and Natasha are stilll ruling every catwalk, working like machines! isn't modelling about hard work and longevity and not about fad of the moment?, ARE YOU LISTENING?!

*tries to inhale and exhale slowly*


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  1. haha I loved this post! While I do think Lara is overhyped - I still love her. I feel like Sasha hasn't been doing AS much lately but she's still number 2? (she is great though! you can't not like sasha).