Wednesday, February 10, 2010

how does this make you feel ...

So I was shopping at David Jones (which is like the Aussie version of Neiman Marcus but way worse) the other day when I saw a couple of bags that shocked my eyes from Aussie label Witchery, that I had to go online and made sure I wasn't just having a nightmare.

Lookie lookie what I found from the Witchery website:

and this ....

I'm sure you all would've known what I meant by now. For those who don't, shame! and lemme present the two uber coveted bags by:

and Alexander Wang:

The funny thing is Witchery even bothered naming those two imitated bags, like they actually spent time designing them ?!

Should I jump for joy or cry in embarrassment?

That's all



  1. i saw the alexander wang copy too ... i actually saw a few shoe copies too in the same 10 minutes in djs

  2. wowzahs, good pick up! xxx