Monday, February 1, 2010

My little fashyon family ....

It's been a while since I last did a fashion pictionary/spot the designer entry, until my friend sent me this picture of little kids dressed up as big designers, and it's sooooooo cute i just had to put it up here. Can you guess them all, my little fashion family :D? (click on the pic to enlarge!)

The letters are too small, but my guess is (from left to right): Aunty Miuccia, Uncle John, Papa Albert, Grandpa Karl, Mama Donatella, I'm not sure who my sister is(Stellar McCartney maybe?), Brother Olivier Theykens.

How CUTE is the photo ehhhh??!!

If you know who the second girl on the right is, please let me know!




  1. Miss Dee-Ha, can I incovenience you with a tag? Well...I have, if you'd like to partcipate! No pressure. I never know if someone likes being tagged or doesn't! I'm part of the former group haha! xx Deb

  2. huh? wat do you mean by being tagged? :)

  3. Ohh it's probably a sixth or seventh post now, under 'tag'. Kinda like you share random facts about yourself etc, and pass the tag along to someone else's blog!

    Btw, I normally wouldn't have seen this reply comment cos I don't get notified of it! So if you have any more q's, probably best to comment on my blog :)

    Actually, here's the link: