Friday, January 29, 2010

do all Italian men dress like this?

THIS ...

So a few months ago I saw this photo on thesartorialist, and was literally dumbfounded. WHO THE HELL IS THAT GUY WHO WHO WHO?

I literally wanted to stab myself because I was so jealous. WHO THE HELL wears a double breasted jacket, with a fluffy mohair (PRADA?) top, then teams it up with joggers, a beanie and a men's clutch?! and wears it with such ease and still looks so good?!

With a bit of stalking and a hint of luck, I eventually found out his name was Francesco Cominelli and he's the style assistant at Vogue Homme Internationale. Okay, that explains it. THAT, my dear, is what I call style with a capital "S", no logos in sight, no "It" bags or shoes, 100% pure Fashyon!

I'm so obsessed I'm telling you. Doesn't he look like a 21st century Steve McQueen? If all Italian men dress like that, I'mma pack my bag and fly to Florence tomorrow.

To Mr Flawlessimo,
I adore you with much envy.




  1. Thanks for sharing haha I think I am in love with him...or his fashion sense anyway!

    x Deb

  2. back off , hes mine! lol jk oh dear when will we start seeing australian men dress like that? :(

  3. I know!!! Probably never, unfortunately :(. Either that, or in a hundred years when we're way too decrepit to appreciate it anyway haha!!!