Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New ideas may or may not be ideally executed ....

but they're ALMOST ALWAYS REFRESHING! Take the audacious Balenciaga spring summer 2010 ad for example:

Would you call it a conventionally gorgeous ad? No. Truth is 80-90% of Vogue readers will properly think it looks horrid and doesn't sell the clothes. But really, does Balenciaga really need ads to sell their clothes? especially when the collection was the most talked about and most featured of the season? No. What they need is controversies, which means attention, which then means $$$.

A recent post by Cathy Horyn from the New York times (here) pointed out a very obvious fact that in this day and age, fashion houses really need to step up the game in advertising and presentation of their brand image, and not just of the clothes. Long gone is the time where most fashion lovers sit at home and drool about clothes on magazines. Consumers are well informed and well travelled these days, and can easily get to try on/experience the quality of the clothes themselves. Which is why airbrushed images of clothes are doomed to fail. What's lacking now are thought provoking ads that show the brand's direction and identity and what sets them apart.

Which is why the latest BRUNO PIETERS campaign, to me, is pure genius :

Amazing no?

Withh all that being said, can I have those Balenciaga boots PLEASE?

Can't wait for more campaigns to come out now!


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