Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When Cathy says WERK, you'd better not walk, but run and WERK!

Cathy Horyn is one of those rare journalists that have such incredible authorities in fashion. Famous for her ruthless criticism, she's never afraid to point out things in fashion that provoke much thoughts and debates. A few weeks ago, Ms Horyn posted this on her blog (which I LOVE) about how fashion houses need to step up in terms of media/marketing:

"...Go to the sites of the most innovative labels — Prada and Balenciaga, to name two — and you find almost no appreciation for the potential of digital technology. No special films that might illuminate the creative process, no animation, no design gestures that are consistent with the contemporary spirit of these brands. Instead, what you chiefly get is a video of the last collection, some still images from an advertising campaign and, in Prada’s case, an update about its art-world projects...."

Bet chu Prada staff wet their skirts in horror after reading such thing, and, "coincidentally" for the latest F/W 2010 menswear collection, Prada leaped a mile in terms of media/PR and:
1/ decided to stream their collection LIVE to world wide audience
2/ created their own YOUTUBE channel (here), which makes it much easier to access and navigate worldwide.

Talking about the collection, there's no denial that noone does TACKY just quite like Mama Miu Miu. Watch the latest FW2010 menswear (+ womens prefall) below:

In Rachel Zoe's terms, the collection was totally BEYOND and I went BANANAS. There's a strong 90s feel in Milan collections this season, but 90s tackiness never looked so fresh. I loved:

1/ The shrunken sweaters in carious poppy colours (which i'm sure will make them gayz go crazy and fight for the size XS once they hit the stores, mark my words :P):

2/ The camouflage. Trust me I normally have camo-phobia (especially after seeing those camouflage cargo shorts that are still being sold at shops, yuk!), but those prints at Prada look sooooooo DAYUM! Have i gone insane?

Thank you Cathy, thank you Miuccia, Sorry credit card! I have 6 months to save till these hit the stores!

Bring back more 90s tackiness!


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