Friday, January 1, 2010

What a way to start the new year ...

with a bunch of Spring Summer 2010 ad campaigns! Let's see how much effort fashion houses put in to attract some $$$ from our half-empty walllets! One of my favourite has to be this:

Though I have to say: NATALIA REALLY? despite her effort for fierce stare, I do think she's more of a Stella McCartney/Valentino kind of girl. Saying that, this is the case where "the clothes sell the models" (in those yummy prints, even Dee Ha would look good too for a campaign, lol!).

Perfect example where models sell the clothes, though, is this:

The true Sasha Fierce for H&M! Can i have that sweater please? :D It is interesting, with chain stores hiring top models and airbrushing just a click away, how do top fashion houses manage to send the true craftsmanship/quality message to the consumers?

With runway videos of course! Watch watch the Givenchy ss2010 collection here to witness the amaazingness that is Ricardo Tiscy:

Did you die? I sure did. Definitely one of my favs!



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