Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10 reasons why i love 10 ....

So all my friends know I used to be a true psycho fashion mag whore. I read literally everything that was on offer, from Vogue to W, Grazia to Shop til you drop, you name it, I would've read every single page of it. Though lately, properly due to the fact that I'm, ahem, not getting any younger, my health/vision/patience does not allow me to read that many magazines anymore, which means I need to be super selective, and for me to fall in love with a new magazine now, it needs to be something quite fabuleux-spectaculare' (relatively, in Dee Ha's term).

"10" magazine is one of those that made me fork out my hard earnt money (mind you, imported magazines are way too overpriced in Australia), and never have i regretted getting every issue. So to keep it short (and corny), I'll tell you 10 reasons why it became my new bible :):

1. It comes out quarterly, which means every issue is thick, with plenty of interviews, articles, editorials, well worth every penny :D.

2. You don't need to flick through 12345645743 pages of ads to get to the content, which is quite unusual for a high-end fashion magazines (Vogue US please take note?!)

3. 10's a UK publication. Call me biased or whatever, but I love all things Brit.

4. Being Brit, it has that dry humour, sarcastic kind of tone which endures through out the whole magazine, which I love.

5. Its editor is a self confessed 'shoe pig', which means every issue will have its own section of 'shoe porn'. Need I say more?

6. There's no section called 'MUST HAVE ITEMS'. It's about celebration of style, not about dictating the retail market. After all, fashion's about inspiration, not imitation.

7. The editorials credit the designers, but don't give out the prices (in ITALICS). It's a true fashion magazine, not a bloody catalogue.

8. The editors aren't afraid to tell you 3/4 leggings are bad, ripped leggings are disgusting, and jeggings are, well, ............ (please insert your own description)

9. The cover of every issue is always interesting, and not just a photo of some random celeb with a boring pose, underneath a sea of subtitles in tacky fonts.

10. My shamefully confessed lack of languages spoken limits myself to only looking at editorials of overseas magazines. So until I get around to learn some broken Italian, French or Japanese, this remains my FAV!

If you haven't heard of 10, run and get yourself a copy now! It's not a suggestion, it's a command (because fashion is all about distatorship!) !



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