Monday, August 31, 2009

stuff EL-VEE (LV), i want BEE-VEE (BV)!

People who know me well knowhow much I love Bottega Veneta, and Tomas Maier. To me, they're really the Italian Hermes. There's no branding, no logos, it's all about quality and craftmanship.

Anyhoo, a recent visit to their website left me more things to drool over than just the uber-luxe bags and shoes I've come to love for a long long time:

Bottega Veneta also had FURNITURE on offer. THAT'S RIGHT, I'm talking mirrors, chairs, tables, beds, etc etc. There's enough to fill up your:

1. Foyer:

2. Dining room:

3. Study:

4. And bedroom:

I love how they've added a modern touch to the classic Mediterranean style. Definitely what my house is going to look like in the future (or so I wish :( ). Just to finish off the BV fever, lo and behold! :

BV complete travel set in soft crocodile leather .... Now those who know how much they cost in total please be quite, I want to continue fooling myself that they're affordable ... *sigh*


I love Bottega Veneta!


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unexpected ...

I have to apologise for posting wrong information in regards to the September issue cover challenge the other day. Originally I thought this was the September cover for Vogue Italia:

but turned out it was these:

which kind of reminded me of their 2007 September issue which I loved:

I think we might need a September cover re-vote, no? I wonder who'll win this time?



Friday, August 28, 2009

Say whatever you want to say ....

I still want to hug this woman:

especially after watching her latest interview on David Letterman:

Now while I'm not her biggest fan, I still think Anna's amazing. How INCREDIBLE does she look in that Herrera dress? Does she look 60 or 40 to you with those amazingly toned arms n body?! Looks aside, I give her total respect for what she does at Vogue US, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give her a rest, and stop mentioning 'The devil wears Prada' in every bloody interview! I swear to God it was just written by some useless chick who got bitter from being sacked by Anna after not having any capabilties to do anything in the Vogue office.

I love ANNA!

Bee Shaffer I ENVY YOU! (i still love you mum :) )


I just realized I knew nothing about fashion ....

after reading this blog:

So I've been a big big big fan of Hamish Bowles for a really long time now, not just because he always manages to look FLAWLESS in every photo:

but also because he's properly one of the most knowledgable person, fashion wise, I've ever known. For those of you who don't know who he is (SHAME!), he's the European editor in large for VOGUE. His blog is not one with pretty pictures, or of himself showing off his pecs, or in some crazy outfits doing poses like a crazy chook, but with rather serious entries about style, fashion and art. Every blog entry is a new fashion lesson (or should i say lessonS) to me, and reading his stories just confirms how much of a fashion amateur/outsider I really am. *sigh* If you're like me, then head over to the Hamishphere and start reading!

I love Hamish Bowles!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I DIED ....

and not just me, everyone from north east south west DIED too, because this premiered on Monday night:

HILARIOUS i'm telling you. Thank you Rachel, Brad and Taylor. Thank you Bravo. I cannot even remember having a life before BravoTV and CW :D. Watch the show HERE.

Now excuse me while I go and do my Zoe exercise, as demonstrated by Messika Sham in the latest V magazine:

If only I could have those vuitton thigh highs as my runners and Leandro as my PT. *sigh* :P

I love Rachel Zoe like 'BA-NAAAAAA-NAHS!'


And so it ended ...

fashion week that was, so fast it was almost like a dream. Mark my words: I WILL BE A FASHION SOMETHING SOMETHING.

For the time being, I'm just gonna watch the bottega veneta show for some emotional relief ... :P



I love you all!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

she stole my life ...

She's Polish, with blonde hair, amazing cheek bones, legs like eiffel tower, speaks fluently German, French and English and has a degree in Political Science.

Know who she is yet?

Btw, she's one of the world's top models too. DIE BITCH DIE! why is life so unfair?!

She's got a lisp so maybe she's not perfect after all (boohoo!)

Do i sound jealous much? lol



Finally ...

A proper artistic and classy tourism video for Australia (Victoria to be exact) with the super gorgeous Isabel Lucas:

I'm glad this time they didn't choose some blonde chick wearing bikinis speaking Bogan-tongue.

I love!


Monday, August 24, 2009

current mood: super high ...

Used all my courage to go up and say hi to Kirstie Clements. Took photos with her. She was super nice. She looked amazing. Enuf said.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

No i don't have swine flu, and definitely not dead ... yet

I won't be posting much this week because I'm just flat out tired. With uni in the morning, and fashion week at night, I just won't possibly have any free time.

So Brissy Mercedez fashion week started today, and even though it's only a small tiny weeny event, it meant a lot to me because it's my first 'hands on' experience ever.

Some high lights:

1. Got to watch the Akira and Easton&pearson show, disappointed with the first one, the latter was good.

2. Saw editor of Vogue Australia Kirstie Clements three times, and got star struck every time. Tried to say hi but ended up mumbling like a chicken. She looked AMAZING. Her male bitch/assistant (lol JK!) Damien Woolnough was there too and looked flawless (JEALOUS!).

3. Took photos and chatted a little bit with the E&P duo, realized they too were humans just like us lol.

Will update you as the week goes.

Take care for now!

I love you all!


Friday, August 21, 2009


Just saw this on the fashion spot:

Jean Paul Gaultier to leave Hermès

(NEW YORK) Change is brewing at Hermès, and it's starting with Jean Paul Gaultier. The designer is said to be resigning from the company; his last collection for the house is due to bow in Paris this October. In addition to producing his eponymous collections of ready-to-wear and haute couture, Gaultier has spent the last six years as Hermès' creative director following Martin Margiela's resignation in early 2003. An Hermès spokesperson did not return requests for comment.

Gaultier's accomplished tenure at Hermès has been governed by critical runway acclaim and tremendous profitability, cementing the brand's enviable status as one of the most recession-proof luxury houses. In July, the company released exceptionally positive earnings reports, announcing a 12% increase in second-quarter sales ($607.4 million at current exchange) in the 3 months ending June 30. Leather goods were up 33.4%; ready-to-wear and fashion increased by 12.7%.

Hermès' courtship of Gaultier began in June 1999, when the brand invested $23 million into the designer's eponymous collection for a 35% stake. "I believe," said Hermès' then-CEO Jean-Louis Dumas at the time, "that Gaultier has the capacity to be what Hermès has become."

Gaultier began his career in 1970 with an after-school job at Pierre Cardin, and in 1978, he received financial backing to launch his own line. Gaultier has worked extensively with Hollywood and its starlets, from outfitting Madonna in her 1990 "Blonde Ambition" tour to dressing Marion Cotillard in a pailette-encrusted white gown for the 2008 Oscars, where she took home the Best Actress statue for La Vie en Rose. Revered as one of Paris' best-loved couturiers whose audiences are quite literally (and consistently) packed to the rafters, Gaultier remains ardently beloved by the fashion press and his loyal clientele. He is also widely admired for his business acumen, especially with regards to fragrance. Most recently, Mickey Rourke and Kylie Minogue attended his universally-lauded show in July.

"Contemporary fashion is melodrama, and Mr. Gaultier saw that parallel and exploited it beautifully," wrote Cathy Horyn of The New York Times. "As the models came out in wafting mousseline gowns and velvet columns, headshots of screen legends-Mae West, Louise Brooks, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth-swam across the celestial blue backdrop. I half expected, or hoped, that Mr. Gaultier's mug would pop up, too."

OH NO! where would HERMES be without him?! :(



Which one's better?

Gucci newest campaign in print:

or in motion?

That's all!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Battle of the covers ...

Now while I'm still not sure why, I just need to accept the September issue is the biggest issue for Vogue, which means working your creative butts off and spending half of your hard earnt budgets on the September issue cover make total sense. With most of the major Vogues having already released their september issues, let's see whose covers are worth our anticipation :):

1. Vogue Russia ditched Natasha Poly, Sasha, fur and leopard print for Miss Moss (with an awkward pose and retarded pout):

2. Deutsch Vogue went sex kitten with the campaign/editorial girl of the season Miss Anja Rubik (who happens to always look flawless, BITCH! :P):

3. Vogue Italia teamed up with Meisel and Linda, but don't expect any 90s pose or over the top colours. Franca decided to have her cover in black instead (WHY?! WHY?!):

4. Madame Wintour chose yet another celebrity for the September issue. This time it was Charlize Theron looking all botoxed and wax-like *sigh* :

5. Last but not least, number 1 Lady Ferosha Carine Roitfeld chose her muse Lara Stone for Vogue Paris's biggest issue. Lara's not nude, neither does she wear leather/spike/bondage stuff. Instead she went BRUNETTE for a vintage looking cover:

Which one's your favourite?! Who satisfied your september cover lust?! I want to know!

One vote for Carine from me, though I have to say Anja's cover came very very close :).

I love you all!



Just saw this on the fashion spot :

sassE and bide ?

Christopher Kane for Burberry?


Congrats to the Aussie duo nevertheless! :D


image from the fashionspot

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

let's all get some ASHISH SHINE !

No I'm not speaking Japanese, but rather about my new tacky fashion find. A few years back, I remember seeing this brand called ASHISH on Net-a-porter, Browns and Matches that only produced sequinned dresses, pants, tops, pretty much sequinned everything. Obviously, this impressed my tacky eyes straight away, and with my awful taste getting worse over the years, this quirky brand has quickly become one of my most lookked up brands whenever I'm browsing online shops:

Ok fine, I must admit their clothes aren't for the faint hearted, or the Lanvin/Chanel loving kinds, but you still need to give the UK brand thumbs up for staying original. This is also why I love British fashion. It's wild,over the top, almost 'anti-trend' but always original. Tom Ford was right when he said London's where the 'happenings' are these days.

Just need to remind you again why I love Ashish:

Sequinned camouflage singlet dress with trucker cap?! 4 of the tackiest things in this world combined in one outfit = Dee Ha's fashion wetdream! LOL

I love Ashish!


images from ashish

Monday, August 17, 2009

"The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plane"

I have to admit I feel rather shameful for the fact that I only got myself to watch 'My fair lady' last night after ... a number of years of my existence, given my mind always wanders in the land of Audrey and Cary. But as they say, better late than never, I loved almost every second of it!

Audrey's performance was STELLAR! I'm no movie critic, but I've always loved how she's sooo quirky yet still uptown chic in ALL of her movies! The fashion, too, was spectacular. I love how instead of throwing in 541314546 outfits for every single scene (Sex and the city anyone?), they kept the number of outfits down to minimal, yet each of them really stood out, though I have to say movie fashion can never get better than 'Breakfast at Tiffany's':

The only part I disagreed with was the ending. How could she leave the super hot/ charming/ extremely well dressed young gentleman FREDDY for that old man? Eliza, girl, what's wrong with your taste?! Seriously, how could you deny this:

and go for this?! :

LOL! I love how i'm so shallow :P.

I love Audrey!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

I want a bit of Mr Lim ...

With the current economic crisis, Phillip Lim's decision to have a seperate show for his menswear means menswear business must have been booming in the land of Lim. While there's not much to say about his womens line, I'll leave that to the people at Vogue, I have to admit I'm getting extremely excited about his extra focus on men's clothes. Now I would love to look like a Tom Ford boy everyday:

I just simply can't because:

1. I can't afford :P

2. It's too high maintenace - as much as I would love to be like Chuck Bass, I don't have the efforts.

Phillip Lim's mens clothes, however, like his womens, are so easy to wear yet still uber chic. I can see myself in pretty much all of his garments:

I love how the clothes look so 'effortless' - I know I hate that word but that's the only thing I can think of :D. The sad thing though is there's no Phillip Lim stockist in Australia, which means all I can do is just sit here and drool, until I decide to drag my fat bum to NYC.



Friday, August 14, 2009

So I was feeling a bit retro ...

I decided to get these babies:

after wearing these limited edition wayfarers for ages:

I love how, like the wayfarers, they come in sooo many poppy colours too. I want them all!

I know these Clubmasters have been dubbed the new wayfarers, but IMO nothing can ever replace those classics. I mean, Audrey Hepburn didn't wear clubmasters DID SHE? The thing about the clubmasters, though, is that they have metal frame, which means they can be easily adjusted to fit my fat ugly nose :).

Anyhoo, let's hope I look half as cool as Mr Westwick aka Chuck Bass:

I love Ray Ban!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just when you thought only chain stores copy big designers ...

Big designers copy each other too! I was watching Aussie Next Top Model the other day again, when I suddenly gasped at this Alex Perry dress Tahnee wore on the show:

Below's a dress from Lanvin spring summer 2009 which I LOVED:

I still remember last season when Alex Perry wondered why Alex, one of the contestants from Next Top Model, chose Josh Goot as her favourite Aussie designer and not him. You know why now, Mr Perry?


Thank you Country Road ...

SO I was just browsing the country road website today, and lookie lookie what I found:

Does that bag look familiar to you? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?! Below's the super coveted PS1 bag by the Proenza Schouler boys that was released early last year:

Where would we be without chain stores?!

That's all!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

magazines after magazines ...

this editorial still remains my favourite:

Steven Meisel + Vogue Italia = pure genius ...

Tacky overload I LOVE!


images from wickedhalo