Monday, August 3, 2009

So I got accepted ...

into St Martins College of Arts, Fashion division! YAY!

okiez, that was just wishful thinking ... So about a month ago, I applied for a volunteer position at Mercedez Brisbane Fashion Week, and because I didn't want to jinx it I decided not to say anything about it until I received the outcome (yes yes I do believe in all that superstitions). Anyhoo, I just received an email today saying I've been accepted, YAY!

Okiez okiez I know it's only Brisbane (for those of you that don't know where that is, it's a tiny little woop woop place in the land of Down Under), but it's the first "hands - on" experience for me, so please excuse me when I get super excited.

The only let down thing, though, is that I'll have to wear a t-shirt uniform, which sucks because with my, you know, 'pashee-on for fashee-on', I'd rather dress to impress. Initially, I thought I might pull out my old Gareth Pugh and Givenchy inspired outfits:

JUST KIDDING, more like nice preppy outfits to impress all the potential fashionistas, especially Madame Kirstie Clements (editor in chief of Vogue Australia) who I seriously cannot wait to see in real life, and become BFFs with, and have nice little girls lunches together (okiez wishful thinking again...)

Anyhoo, now that I know uniform's going to be the festival t shirt and black pants, all my hopes go into the accessories! Never in my life have I needed new Gucci shoes more than this ...

Put all the trivial matters aside, I seriously cannot wait to watch the Akira and Kirrily Johnson shows :). Let's just hope it'll all go well :).

I love you all!


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