Tuesday, August 18, 2009

let's all get some ASHISH SHINE !

No I'm not speaking Japanese, but rather about my new tacky fashion find. A few years back, I remember seeing this brand called ASHISH on Net-a-porter, Browns and Matches that only produced sequinned dresses, pants, tops, pretty much sequinned everything. Obviously, this impressed my tacky eyes straight away, and with my awful taste getting worse over the years, this quirky brand has quickly become one of my most lookked up brands whenever I'm browsing online shops:

Ok fine, I must admit their clothes aren't for the faint hearted, or the Lanvin/Chanel loving kinds, but you still need to give the UK brand thumbs up for staying original. This is also why I love British fashion. It's wild,over the top, almost 'anti-trend' but always original. Tom Ford was right when he said London's where the 'happenings' are these days.

Just need to remind you again why I love Ashish:

Sequinned camouflage singlet dress with trucker cap?! 4 of the tackiest things in this world combined in one outfit = Dee Ha's fashion wetdream! LOL

I love Ashish!


images from ashish

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