Tuesday, August 11, 2009

probably the best place to work in? ...

So the guyz from The Selby recently visited the Lanvin menswear head office and also took some photos. Check them out:

1. Properly the best fashion house logo I reckon:

2. Head of Lanvin menswear Lucas (I never realized he was sooo good looking!):

3. and the design team who look uber stylish:

4. the pair of sneakers I always wanted but could never afford (sigh):

5. New shoe design? I love it already:

6. And the shoes that I LIVE FOR:

7. Who do I need to sleep with to get these ribbon babies?!

8. Lucas also did a little drawing/mini interview, which I think is so cute :):

9. Probably the best fashion office decoration yet?

Anyhoo, Lucas got the job by just hand writing a letter to Albert Elbaz, I wonder if I could do the same? Do they need an office cleaner? May be I can be Mr Elbaz's show polisher/dietician/personal trainer/ masseuse ? I"LL DO ANYTHING JUST TO BE AT THE LANVIN OFFICE I"M TELLING YOU!



images from theselby

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