Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Battle of the covers ...

Now while I'm still not sure why, I just need to accept the September issue is the biggest issue for Vogue, which means working your creative butts off and spending half of your hard earnt budgets on the September issue cover make total sense. With most of the major Vogues having already released their september issues, let's see whose covers are worth our anticipation :):

1. Vogue Russia ditched Natasha Poly, Sasha, fur and leopard print for Miss Moss (with an awkward pose and retarded pout):

2. Deutsch Vogue went sex kitten with the campaign/editorial girl of the season Miss Anja Rubik (who happens to always look flawless, BITCH! :P):

3. Vogue Italia teamed up with Meisel and Linda, but don't expect any 90s pose or over the top colours. Franca decided to have her cover in black instead (WHY?! WHY?!):

4. Madame Wintour chose yet another celebrity for the September issue. This time it was Charlize Theron looking all botoxed and wax-like *sigh* :

5. Last but not least, number 1 Lady Ferosha Carine Roitfeld chose her muse Lara Stone for Vogue Paris's biggest issue. Lara's not nude, neither does she wear leather/spike/bondage stuff. Instead she went BRUNETTE for a vintage looking cover:

Which one's your favourite?! Who satisfied your september cover lust?! I want to know!

One vote for Carine from me, though I have to say Anja's cover came very very close :).

I love you all!


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  1. I love that they always dare to do something different at Vogue Italia!