Saturday, August 8, 2009

what's wrong with looking "Effort-full" ?

That's it, I'm officially done, fed up, terribly sick of how frequently the word 'effortlessly chic' is used these days. Up, down, left, right, centre every magazine I open I see some messy haired skinny girl swirling around like a moron wearing everything ripped and acid washed, everyone of them giving exact answers to (conincidentally exact) questions. It's funny how they're all tagged 'effortless' when all you see is try hard fashion. How is it effortless when you put on make up that's 1cm thick and it's so irritating it makes you itch. How is it effortless when you wear your tightest pair of jeans that you can't even walk in? How is it effortless when you have so much fake tan on you look like you have some kind of jaundice?

Which brings me to my point: What's wrong with people knowing you put efforts into your look? So what if people know you spent an hour planning your youtfit and not 1 minute to somehow magically do you hair, make up, match your jeans bags shoes etc etc to perfection as claimed by all of our fashion icons?

Take Blair Waldorf for example. She's someone who obviously spends an hour every night thinking of what to wear the next morning. Her look is polished, high maintenanced and still extremely chic:

A perfect real life example is Victoria Beckham, who claimed every night before she went to bed she looked through her wardrobe to plan outfit for the next day:

Now my point is, there are obviously truly effortless women out there, but let's be honest you obviously cannot expect 1 out of 10 girls to be effortless? Be proud of looking "effort-full". Would you rather let people know you put efforts into look good, than throw sum try hard fashion ensembles to end up looking like those trash bags on magazines (that wear denim leggings?) ?

Just a thought ...


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