Sunday, August 23, 2009

No i don't have swine flu, and definitely not dead ... yet

I won't be posting much this week because I'm just flat out tired. With uni in the morning, and fashion week at night, I just won't possibly have any free time.

So Brissy Mercedez fashion week started today, and even though it's only a small tiny weeny event, it meant a lot to me because it's my first 'hands on' experience ever.

Some high lights:

1. Got to watch the Akira and Easton&pearson show, disappointed with the first one, the latter was good.

2. Saw editor of Vogue Australia Kirstie Clements three times, and got star struck every time. Tried to say hi but ended up mumbling like a chicken. She looked AMAZING. Her male bitch/assistant (lol JK!) Damien Woolnough was there too and looked flawless (JEALOUS!).

3. Took photos and chatted a little bit with the E&P duo, realized they too were humans just like us lol.

Will update you as the week goes.

Take care for now!

I love you all!


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