Sunday, August 16, 2009

I want a bit of Mr Lim ...

With the current economic crisis, Phillip Lim's decision to have a seperate show for his menswear means menswear business must have been booming in the land of Lim. While there's not much to say about his womens line, I'll leave that to the people at Vogue, I have to admit I'm getting extremely excited about his extra focus on men's clothes. Now I would love to look like a Tom Ford boy everyday:

I just simply can't because:

1. I can't afford :P

2. It's too high maintenace - as much as I would love to be like Chuck Bass, I don't have the efforts.

Phillip Lim's mens clothes, however, like his womens, are so easy to wear yet still uber chic. I can see myself in pretty much all of his garments:

I love how the clothes look so 'effortless' - I know I hate that word but that's the only thing I can think of :D. The sad thing though is there's no Phillip Lim stockist in Australia, which means all I can do is just sit here and drool, until I decide to drag my fat bum to NYC.



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