Monday, August 31, 2009

stuff EL-VEE (LV), i want BEE-VEE (BV)!

People who know me well knowhow much I love Bottega Veneta, and Tomas Maier. To me, they're really the Italian Hermes. There's no branding, no logos, it's all about quality and craftmanship.

Anyhoo, a recent visit to their website left me more things to drool over than just the uber-luxe bags and shoes I've come to love for a long long time:

Bottega Veneta also had FURNITURE on offer. THAT'S RIGHT, I'm talking mirrors, chairs, tables, beds, etc etc. There's enough to fill up your:

1. Foyer:

2. Dining room:

3. Study:

4. And bedroom:

I love how they've added a modern touch to the classic Mediterranean style. Definitely what my house is going to look like in the future (or so I wish :( ). Just to finish off the BV fever, lo and behold! :

BV complete travel set in soft crocodile leather .... Now those who know how much they cost in total please be quite, I want to continue fooling myself that they're affordable ... *sigh*


I love Bottega Veneta!


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