Friday, June 26, 2009

bravo, vuitton!

I love Louis Vuitton, i really do. Besides their monograms which I totally dislike, I pretty much love the rest. Ready to wear, shoes, scarves, bangles etc etc, they get them all right seasons after seasons. Their latest menswear collection proved again they could do no wrong. One word to describe: HAWT:

Anyhoo, i'm not gonna talk much about the clothes, but rather focus on the shoes instead. THE BEST SHOE collection this season:

Click on the pic for a larger view. I WANT THEM ALL! especially the sandals, and the black/white sequined shoes, yum yum ! Also I randomly threw a bag in there cuz that was my favourite bag from this collection lol :D.

Now what's the website where you can find Russian millionaires to marry again? ...



  1. i'm needing a russian millionaire right now :(.

  2. nothing new there - kinda boring and tacky