Sunday, June 21, 2009

I told you so ....

Remember a while back when I showed you Trussardi 1911 and said watch out cuz they'd be MAJAH in the near future? Well, looks like i'm right because Milan's latest collection for Trussardi was one of the best for the past few days!

I'm jumping for joy i'm telling you! The short sleeved double breasted blazers and waist coats! the fringe decorated t shirts, the shoes the bags! I love how Milan mixed bohemian-native american and dandy chic so so well, and the collection still looked so cohesive while offerring many options for both day time and night time!

I do hope major online stores will start stocking their stuff soon (COLLETTE, BROWNS, LUISA do you hear me?!) because that navy short sleeved blazer and white fringed-neck t shirt need to be mine!

I'm so glad it's mens fashion fever time again. :)

I love you all!


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