Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FHM gets a homo touch ...

My impression of FHM over the year has always been this overly sexist, super anti-gay magazine whose customers are either:

a) hairy fat old men
b) macho muscled freaks whose biceps are bigger than my butt.

who, of course only want this:

and will freak at the sight of this:

However, look at their most recent cover for FHMcollections:

I know it's an expansion of their fashion division (since when do FHM men care about FASHION anyway? wouldnt that just make them GQ/Esquire readers?!), but still don't you think FHM fashion would be a bit more ... uhm ... macho? a bit LA, say ED HARDY? lol

Looks like even straight fat men and macho muscles want a skinny dressed up little twink boy lol!

I love you all!


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