Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dee Ha's top 5 mens fashion magazines

Milan fashion week's starting tomoro, so i reckon i should post something on menswear, since i hardly talk about menswear here (they're not tacky enough that's why :D). anyhoo, below are my top 5 men's fashion mags:

5- Another Man:

A magazine for all things alternative and properly the best off-mainstream mens fashion magazine out there. I love how fashion director Nichola Formichetti really makes men's fashion look out of this world. It's great to see quality styling and fashion without the need to use Prada or Jil Sander.

4- 10 MEN:

I only discovered this recently and i fell in LOVE! Richard Gray has got to be the funniest director EVER! While their editorials aren't the greatest, they made up for it with awesome articles on style and interviews. Not a boundary pushing magazine, I love how it's one of those magazines out there that maintain classic masculine aethetics, and have the courage to criticise all the 'try-hard' fashion.

3- Vogue Hommes International:

This used to be my number one back in Richard Buckley era, when it was really the most powerful men's fashion mag out there. With recent changes of creative directors, the content has not been that strong, but with Carine now in charge (go CARINE!), let's hope it'll climb back to where it deserves soon :).

2- GQ STYLE bianual edition - UK version:

The name properly says it all. This is fashion almost at its purest. Totally different from your normal 'buy this $ 10 000 watch and women will love you' GQ editions, this one's all about styling and the latest and upcoming trends and designers. I like! :)

1- and the beauty queen (king?) for Dee Ha's pageant is:

I love Arena Homme +! Properly as queer as you can get for a fashion mag. Young twink boys wearing skirts holding hands, muscle beefcakes wrestling in mud, sweaty hairy bears in jockstraps, you name it they've probably featured it in one of their eds. But on top of that, FANTASTIC editorials, INCREDIBLE styling and ultra witty (and sarcastic!) contents. also have i mentioned they're about 300 pages thick?! what else could you ask for really.

There are 2 magazines I know I would be completely mesmerized with and they will be Vogue Hommes Nippon and L'officiel Homme Japan, but unfortunately they're not available in Australia :( *sigh*

What are your favourite men's fashion mags? I want to know! :)

I love you all!


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