Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i'm feeling the red fever ...

from the latest Bottega Veneta men's collection! God i love Tomas Maier!

A line up of dangerously hot models in dreamy hair and tangerine,pink,red clothes for an audience of mostly single women and horned up gays, no wonder BV got good reviews! lol jk. I love how Maier designs real clothes for real men, no super skinny tight clothes, no acid wash non of that bull crap. Not just the clothes, the accessories are also TO DIE FOR!

That brown tote will be mine!

This season of menswear has been okay so far, i still miss spring 2007 but hey no point in looking back. I'm happy to see the return of REAL male models. YAY to HOT BEEFCAKES WITH TATTOOS! lol

Can't wait for Lanvin!


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