Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tacky shoes i love you!

I died i'm telling you, my inner gooccie nana hooccie mama started quivering in ecstacy (lol!) when i saw these sneakers on browns today:

my favourites are these:

their style's called 'nise', and i think the 18 K GOLD chain (yup, all the hardware's real 18 K gold :D) stands out really well from the denim background. my first thought when i saw these shoes was how similar they were to the super delish Givenchy dress winter 2008 that was worn by Natalia vodi-sumthing sumthing (i can never spell her last name lol):

While i'm not really a sneaker fan (FYI i dont even own a pair), i think these babies are absolute FABs, and are a great alternative to the boring sneakers out in the market atm (LANVIN beaded hi tops 'd better watch out!). They're designed by a New York socialite DJ, and the brand's called UES (which stands for Upper Echelon Shoes). Head over to their website HERE and check out the rest of their collection, they have these in red, pink, gold, etc etc YUM YUM!

Call me tacky or whatever but i just fell in LURV! i think my search for sneakers has ended here, now all i need to do is starve myself so i can afford these babies and wear them to my local gym! lol

So ....

I love you all!


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