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So i've seen many amazing fashion pieces online that I decided I'm going to have a go at styling. However I don't want to just put clothing images onto one blank canvas (ie polyvore) as such, but rather have a story behind my outfits. So i came up with this idea that from now on, for every so called 'styling session' i'm going to create a mini fashion story for it.

Anyhoo, enough rambling, ready for my first fashion mini story guys?!

Mini story 1:

This story took up place in early 1980s in the Parisian aristocrat society, and it's about a young savvy girl named Carine Roitfeld.
Carine Roitfeld was born into a fashion family and has developed a very distinctive fashion sense since very early age. Her mother is Coco Chanel and father is Valentino. She's a beautiful girl, with hazel hair, and black deep eyes complimented by stunning cheek bones like her mother. She's tanned, tall and slender, and even though the size of her breasts is quite modest, she knows God still brought fairness upon her because he gave her the most amazing arms and legs.

Tonight is Carine's 20th birthday, which also coincides with the opening of the biggest new fashion Museum in Paris, which means the presence of Carine's family is almost an obligation. Carine has thought of this for a while. Being Coco Chanel and Valentino's daughter, she has never had any problems with choosing outfits for events. She has always worn her mother's creations for day time and her father's amazing red gowns for night time, but for tonight she wants to show the world she is a grown up girl, that she too is a serious fashion player. She wants to let everyone know her free spirit, and also her appreciation for class, glamour and craftmanship. Carine has thought much about this, and has decided tonight is the night.

Three months ago, she teamed up with her best male friend called Christophe Decarmin and cofound the label BALMAIN. After much hard work and experimenting with different fashion techniques, both Chris and Carine know this musuem reopening is the perfect time to show the world their creations, and who else is better to model their creations than the beautiful Carine herself?

It's 6:30 pm, and the opening starts at 7:30. Coco and Valentino wait for their daughter in the foyer. They have been informed of Carine's decision to wear her creations tonight, and are curious to see what their daughter has come up with. Carine descends down the marble stairs, looking like the epitomy of a Saint Lauren girl. She lets her hair cover part of her face, but not her sparkling black eyes, which even look better with perfect smoky eye make up. Her make up is light, and she has chosen just to have some gloss on her pouty lips. It's a chilling November night, and she wraps herself in her favourite Fendi fur-coat, only revealing her Louboutin black pumps which she has decided to wear for the night.

- "Is that all you are going to wear for tonight? I thought you were going to show us your creations?" her father asks in a curious tone.

- "You'll see it when you get there mother." winks Carine.

Off they go to the opening. It's 7:00 pm, and their Limousine arrives at the museum. Through the shaded windows, Carine can see the biggest names in fashion and press outside. Feeling a bit of nerve, Carine tries to calm herself down. "It is going to be okay, tonight IS THE NIGHT".

Her parents are already out of the car, and it's Carine's turn. She removes her coat, and steps out of the limousine. Then came silence. Everyone stopped talking and stared. Carine's outfit was the antidote of a red carpet dress.

Seconds of silence were immediately followed by instant flashing of camera lights. Despite the chuckling from the Dior and Lacroix ladies, and the big round admiring stares from the gentlement especially at the length of her skirt, Carine knew she was the star of the night.

-"Looks like someone's going to be busy answering questions from the press on her birthday night!" her mother turns around and smiles at her.

9:00 pm: Looks like what her mother said earlier was true. Carine has been approached by every single serious fashion individuals in Paris, and has received tremendous amount of compliments on her outfit. She explains, she wants to keep her parent's design aethetics and injects some youth and rock n' roll into it. After all, she's a studio 54 girl. So first she thoughs of a black and white outfit, with a white jacket and black skirt, a typical design by her mother Coco. She loves putting big crystal bow ties onto her jacket like her father Valentino, but has also decided to inflate the shoulder pads and added chainmail for some punk quality. With the skirt, she decided to apply the quilted desing from her mother's 2.55 handbag line, included the bag chains around the hem, made it short and named it the '2.55 skirt'. The press loved her story, and seems like her photo's going to be on every single magazine in Paris the next day.

11:30 pm: While the night seems to end here for most attendees, it's time for Carine to go celebrate her 20th birthday. Her parents come to her with a black box tied around with gold ribbon.
-"We know you've always wanted these. So here are your gift. Happy birthday our no-longer-a-little-girl daughter. We cannot describe how proud we are of you"
She opens the box, and literally jumps for joy at the sight of her present.
-"OMG, Alaia gladiator boots, how do you know I wanted these. I thought they were sold out! I love you so much mum and dad!"

Not sparing those new shoes in that box any moments longer, she immediately removes her Louboutins, puts them on and models them around like a little girl in her new dress. After giving her parents the tightest hugs, she says goodbye and leaves the museum, to meet her design parter Christophe waiting outside on his black Scooter.
-"WE MADE IT!" she screams, running towards Chris giving him the sweetest embrace.
-" Like I couldn't tell from the sight of you running, you crazy woman" Chris laughs "Ready for the REAL PARTY now?"
-"HELL YEAH!", Carine removes the Balmain coat, only to reveal the hugging grey YSL corset top she wears, tucked neatly into her quilted skirt. She puts on her black HERMES collier de chien crocodile cuff and star bracelet, jumps on the black scooter, and in seconds the sight of the museum is just a tiny sparkling spot. After all, there is ANOTHER party Carine needs to be the star of.


Outfits used for the 'styling mini fashion story': fendi fur coat, Louboutin black pumps, Balmain jacket and skirt, Azzedine Alaia heels, grey YSL corset nad braclet, Hermes cuff.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story and my styling :).

I love you all!


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