Saturday, May 23, 2009


I'm a sucker for Bottega Veneta, like MAJAHLY. Whenever I walk into a BV store, I get the same feelings as i do when i'm in an HERMES store. Things are just sooo beautiful, so well made. There's no logos, no monogrammed bags, just beautiful, elegant bags, shoes and clothes in neutral, earthy colour with some occasionally smart addition of neon bright tones.

For those of you who don't know what BV is, they're the label behind the interracio leather, ie this:

And no, NINE WEST did not invent that. In fact NINE WEST doesnt create ANY trends, but that's another matter to discuss later lol.

SO about 10 years ago, Bottega Veneta was just another under the radar luxury leather house, let's say, like Valextra, Loewe, etc. But since the its acquisition from the GUCCI group and the arrival of this man:

TOMAS MAIER is his name, the label had a complete facelift. Tomas Maier has done the exact same thing that Tom Ford did to Gucci, Marc Jacobs did to Louis Vuitton, Albert Elbaz did to Lanvin, etc etc. From being under the radar, Bottega Veneta has become the new 'IT' label, and tickets to the BV show are amongst the hottest in town. Now while Tom Ford sexed up Gucci and made the interlocking Gs almost irresistable (we all felt for it at least once, dont lie :P), Mr Maier did the complete opposite. No logos, monogrammed bags, no overly sexually charged ads, this Tom opted for the elegance, luxury, almost resort-like aesthetics. I remember back in 2007 when Tomas Maier officially made his mark as the 'IT' designer, i was at awe when i saw his collections on The collection was soo elegant, luxurious and extremely wearable:

Then when I had a chance to go overseas where they stocked his collections, I pretty much made BV my first stop. I have this thing that just seeing clothes on pictures and videos isn't enough, I need to touch them to believe. So I came, I touched, I was defeated (lol!). The construction of the clothes, the fabrics, the seams, the attention to details, everything was just so ... heavenly lol. Then there were the shoes, the bags, the bracelets, the wallets, need I say more I pretty much orgasmed a thousand times despite the disgusted looks on the Sales Assisntants' faces lol.

The last few seasons saw Tomas Maier getting more and more experimental, pushing the boundary a bit further every time, while still maintaining that romance, fluidity and effortlessly chic earthy tones. His latest collection for fall winter 2009 was full of sexy backless dresses with crystal strands dangling in the back, and those amazing gowns. Watch the video below to witness that amazingness:


Now the multi million dollar question is: Is Tomas Maier gay? lol!

I love you all!


PS: Tomas Maier also has a super sexy/successful swimmear/resort line too. Check it out :)!

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