Monday, May 4, 2009

albert elbaz is just human as we all are

it seems like after reading every interview with albert elbaz, i gain some extra obsession and admiration for the designer (my friends would go "what, like u can love him more than you already do?!") :P.

the reason elbaz is one of my most favourit-est designer ever (sorry tomas maier and nicholas ghesquiere, lol) is his love and respect for women, of all ages and body shapes. he's also so down to earth, honest, kind, soo insanely human (unlike galliano, lol!).

anyhow, i just finished reading stephanie seymour (who i also ADORE)'s interview with albert elbaz on interview magazine, and i'm telling you, it touched my heart. all these little details like how he has a boyfriend (i didnt even know he was gay! :O), his clumsiness when it comes to techno stuff or how he'd rather choose fruit salad over pancakes because he doesnt want to be overweight (awww!!!) make him sound soo approachable :).

below are my favourite quotes from the interview:

"I am very much a people person. If I am in a beautiful place but I don’t like the people, I am miserable"

"“In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” Every time I hear that, I die. .... think fashion is about longevity and doing your work. It isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about process—keeping it going. "

"Designers will say, “Gray is the new black,” and the next season say, “I can’t do one more gray piece.” Where does it go? How come the loyalty vanishes? Why don’t you love gray every season?"

"My boyfriend thinks that I stay with him just because he knows how to work the remote control at home. If it has buttons, I depend on him." AWWW!

click here to read the whole interview on the interview magazine website.

dont you just love him ?


now that we know albert likes men, when should i ask him out on a date?! watch out albert's boyfriend! lol!

~dee ha~

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